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10 Reasons To Choose Android Over IOS

The largest operating system software on over 70 percent of all mobile phone produced across the world are still debated in terms of flexibility, performance and functionality.

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Reasons To Choose Android Over IOS operating software has been one of the tech industry debates across the globe. We would be discussing the reasons why android should be your priority when buying a smartphone.

reasons To Choose Android Over IOS

1. More Options

If you wanted an Android phone, there are many options that you can choose from – Samsung, Tecno, Lenovo, Infinix, Sony, Intel, etc. So many Android phones are being released all the time, and so many different brands to choose from.

If you wanted an Android phone with a focus on display, you would just choose Samsung, maybe. If you wanted one to last for a long time, you would go for maybe, Tecno.

The main point is there a lot of Android phones competing to be noticed by you, so companies building Android phones would build these phones while thinking about you because if you do not buy from them, they are in trouble.

For iPhones, there are just iPhones. Maybe one with a bigger or smaller size, but, ultimately, there are just iPhones to choose from for Apple users.

2. Storage

iPhones, since they were launched, have never allowed their users to expand or customize their storage.

If you buy an iPhone with 64GB storage, that is just what you get, no more, no less.

With an Android, however, you can add more storage to the existing one. For example, if you buy an Android that has 64GB storage, you can add a 256GB memory card and have an awesome 320GB space total.

There is no way you can do this for an iPhone.

To go a step further, you can, for an Android phone, even install a custom ROM, that is remove the original internal storage that your phone came with, and add another one of your choices.

For an iPhone, this is just impossible.

3. Widgets and Multitasking

Another reason to choose android Over IOS is that the operating software has been one of the tech industry debates across the globe: widgets and the possibility of multitasking.

With widgets, you can arrange and decorate your home screen exactly the way you want it, which increases control over your phone and makes it far easier for you to operate your phone.

For multitasking, you can be browsing through your file manager while watching a YouTube video at the same time. This is obviously something that iPhones cannot do except for iPads.

All of this ties in with the customization, so the takeaway is, Android phones allow you a lot of control over your phone, while iPhones don’t.

4. Pricing

So, very clearly, iPhones are more costly than Android phones. For the poorer ones (like me), this is an obvious turn-off. But this is not the point.

The point is that iPhones don’t provide as much value as their pricing seems to indicate.

Why would I pay so much for a phone that would not let me be free like an Android would? Why would I pay more than 400,000 nairas, for a phone that would not even allow me to change the keyboard, that would not even give me a file manager? The only reason why I would pay for such a phone is to be able to wave it around and say, “Hey, I made it.”

Androids, priced less than iPhones (except for some Samsungs), offer far more value, far more freedom than iPhones would ever offer.

If you want to get the most possible out of a mobile phone, Androids are the wiser choice.

5. Battery Power 

For people who value battery power a lot, having an iPhone is a terrible choice to make.

The newest iPhones are still struggling to have 2,500mAh batteries, while, for, at most, 30,000 nairas, you can have an Android phone that has a battery power of 4000mAh.

For more money, I mean, you can land an Android phone of 6000mAh. This is a dream for iPhone users who carry around power banks like their wallets.

Android is awesome, right?

6. Ease of Repair

This is an obvious advantage of Android over the iPhone.

I mean, if your Android fell into the water and went blind, it would be far easier to just walk into the nearest store and get the screen replaced immediately, and if the screen is not readily available, in a few days. If it were an iPhone, I mean, it is already almost a lost cause. Either the repairman would have to travel all the way to Lagos’ computer village (just saying) or he would not even bother.

A spoilt iPhone is a goner.

7. Hardware

For a specific study, let’s compare the Apple iPhone pro max to, say, Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G.

For starters, the RAM capacity of the iPhone 11 Pro Max is 6GB while the RAM of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G is 12GB.

The Camera for the iPhone 11 is 48MP while the one for the Samsung is 102MP.

The screen to body ratio of the iPhone 11 is 83.76% while the one for Samsung is 90%

Samsung is an Android phone while iPhone 11 is a, well, you know, iPhone.

8. More Connectivity Options

iPhones don’t support Bluetooth. And if you want to use Xender to share something with an iPhone, you can’t just connect as easily as you would have done with an Android phone. You will have to go through a long and tedious process of especially connecting to the iPhone before sending or receiving anything. Many times, it turns out not to be worth the time.

This would really suck if you had something like an MP3 player. If you had an iPhone, then you would not be able to connect to the Bluetooth feature of the player

In fact, anything Bluetooth or not iOS is out of bounds for Apple phones.

9. USB Chargers

All Android phones and all smartphones (except iPhones of course) use the USB charger.

iPhone users may feel that using a different kind of charger (called the lightning cable) is a special thing.

This is not true at all.

Imagine that your charger spoilt or is lost, which is very common, and considering that many people do not use iPhones, it would be really difficult to say “Please let me borrow your charger”

Apart from the lack of universality, a study has shown that lightning cables have much lower quality than USB cables.

Apart from these, just in case you can just buy a new lightning cable, iPhone chargers do not allow you to share files with a PC.

You know that way that you can just use a USB cord to connect your Android and a laptop and then transfer files in between, right? Well, the iPhone lightning cable will not allow you to do this.

10. More Freedom

This is one of the topmost reasons why Androids are better than iPhones.

Androids allow you to customize your phone in any way you like. For example, if you don’t like the keyboard of your phone, you can just download a new keyboard from the Google Play store, or if you want to change the entire theme of your phone, just download a new one.

Apple phones do not allow you to change up things like this in your phone. You keep using the same keyboard, or the same themes.

Another example of this freedom is that Android allows you to have a file manager. On an Android phone, you can directly access your files, and copy and paste them into different directories. You can directly delete a file or change its location on your phone.

In an iPhone, there is no file manager. I mean, can you imagine how annoying not having a file manager can be?

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I hope all of this has convinced and not confused you (please allow me to practice my secondary school debate on you)(*wink*) that Android phones are far better than iPhones. For iPhones, it is just the hype.

If you enjoyed the article, please comment. Till we meet next, stay safe.

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