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113 New Cases, 62,224 Total on COVID 19 update

Total number of cases decreased by 0.99% against previous figures bringing a total of One Hundred and thirteen (113) new cases and 62,224 total confirmed cases.

As of 10 pm, the total number of COVID 19 update was ascertained and confirmed by the national center for diseases and control @NCDC on their website and social media platform.

COVID 19 update

A total of 62,224 cases has been confirmed and 57,916 discharged as at the late hours today having carried out a daily sampling test of about 2,600, and 1,135 deaths across the country.

Covid 19 Case Update – 28th October 2020

  • Total Number of cases – 62,224
  • Total Number Discharched – 57,916
  • Total Numberof deaths – 1,135
  • Total test carried out – 64,3415

According to NCDC113 new cases of COVID19 discovered in the various 36 states as follows Lagos-84, Rivers-31, Kaduna-12, Osun-10, FCT-7, Oyo-6, Ogun-3, Kwara-2 which makes it a total of 59,738 confirmed, 51,403 discharged and 1,135 deaths

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