3 Profitable Business Ideas To Start With N15,000

So many people want to go into a business but are often scared by the thoughts of the start-up costs.

In this article, we will discuss 3 profitable Business Ideas to start with N15,000 and still make reasonable returns within a short period.
Profitable Business Ideas
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Follow this piece and your success is 90% guaranteed because the business ideas I will be dropping after this have been tested and proven to be lucrative, especially in Nigerian society today.

3 Profitable Business Ideas To Start With N15,000

Here are the 3 most lucrative and profitable businesses to start with as low as 15,000 naira;

1. Fishery

Don’t get disappointed. Fishery has turned into one of the fast-rising business opportunities in Nigeria today. The beauty of this is that this business can be started even in your backyard with just #15,000. how to start a fishery business Fishery is a branch of agriculture that deals with breeding various aquatic animals for the purpose of consumption.

How To Start A Fishery Business

  • Buy a big plastic or iron bowls
  • Buy your fingerings(tiny fishes) for as low as 30 naira for each
  • Buy Feeds
Let’s assume you bought bowls valued at N5000, feeds valued at N5000, and fingerings valued at N5000, you are good to go! in 4 months you would start making your profit.

2. Plain and Pattern Fabric

This industry is continuously emerging and is yet to discover its fullest potential. This fabric business has been a breakthrough business in Nigeria, it is one of the fastest-growing in Nigeria, and many people have already done wonders in it, because of the high demand. how to start a fabric business The primary reason why it is such a lucrative business is that people always want to look new and rosy at every event and during the festive periods just like the coming Easter.

How To Start A Plain and Pattern Fabric Business

You can start a plain and pattern fabric business by getting a nice variety of plain and pattern in Aba, Abia State where one pack of it goes for N1,200 – N1,300. Now calculating it with regards to your capital range, let’s say you buy 10 beautiful designs for 1200 each, that will sum to #12,000. You will happily go back to your base sell them from the comfort of your home and through social media handles for the normal market price #2500 or even less thereby making a profit of over N1000. Raed Also How To Register Your Business Online In Nigeria

3. Candle production

This is an untapped but lucrative business in Nigeria, with the unstable power supply experienced every day, there is no doubt that the production of the candlestick is a money-spinner. how to start your candle production business A sizable group of Nigerians still relies solely on candlesticks to battle the erratic power supply coupled with its high demand in churches.

How To Start A Candle Production Business

You can start a candle production business by purchasing 16 candle mold and wax. This process is done by melting the wax in the mold tied with a thread from each end to form a candlestick. You make N100 per candlestick, let’s assume you produce 50 a day, that N5000 every day just producing candles. The good news about the above businesses is that you don’t need a huge amount of capital to start. I hope you now know profitable Business Ideas You Can Start with as low as N15,000? You can consult Havgate Consult for your various business models and startup.

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