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5 Parts of Your Body You Barely Wash While Bathing

Bathing is one major aspect of our daily hygiene to prevent our body from germs and odour, but there are parts of the body we barely touch while bathing, pub-1800157631388084, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Bathing is one major routine of our everyday hygiene aimed at keeping our body from diseases and odor produced as a result of physical activities. There are major parts of the body we wash every day like the armpit, private part, face, body legs, etc, but there are 5 uncommon places I can bet you barely wash while bathing.

5 Parts of Your Body You Barely Wash While Bathing

5 Parts of Your Body You Barely Wash While Bathing

Here are 5 parts of your body you barely wash while bathing;

1. The Back of your Ear

So many people wash their ears but only a few wash the back area facing our head. This area of our body is a sensitive area that stores particles of dirt and eventually piles up without your knowledge.

Back of your ear
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A soft gentle rag is needed to scrub this area of your body so as to prevent the accumulation of dirt and various germs

2. Your Button Belly

Yes, many take their bathe without washing the area of their stomach, or some clean it rarely. This area of your body needs to be washed every day because it’s very quick in collecting dirt from sweat and clothes.

5 Parts of Your Body You Barely Wash While Bathing

You wash this area by holding your sponge at the tip of your finger then scrub in a 360 direction.

3. Middle of the Buttocks

The part of the area is called the glutes, muscles are found within this area of the body that helps in the peristatic excretion of waste products in the body.

Middle of Your buttocks
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unfortunately, this area of the body is ignored while bathing every day, you should have a special sponge or wipers to clean and wash this part of your body. Washing this area of your body reduces the level of bacterias stored around it.

4. Under Your Feets

Your feet are also a major part of your body but washing underneath i.e the area that touches the ground or your footwear is as important as your washing your face.

Under your feets
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So many people wait till they visit a spa or request the services of a pedicurist before it’s cleaned, whereas this part of your body is supposed to be thoroughly washed every day.

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5. Your Back

Well, a majority would say they do, but many don’t actually realize that washing your back requires a method of scrubbing and not just running your sponge around it.

Your Back

There are 2 ways to washing your back properly; holding both ends of the sponge and washing in a weaving manner from up to down or calling the assistant of someone to help you.

In Conclusion, taking notes of these areas of your body while bathing every day is staying ahead of those people who are ignorant of the importance of washing this part of their body.

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