5 Reason Why Buhari Has Failed

Buhari's Administration is one administration with lots of infightings! In fact, it's one administration that is in opposition to itself in many ways

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The reason Why Buhari Has Failed is as the result of the absolute impunity and legalistic mediocrity his administration has brought to the nation, I would be giving you undisputed and unavoidable penned fact why he has failed.

Reason Why Buhari Has FailedFirst, Akpabio who came to be associated with APC not quite long and who was known to be doing well as opposition Senator has continued to dwindle politically.

From his status as ‘kingmaker’ in Akwaibom politics to now a minister riddling in allegations of corruption and sexual molestations coming from the sacked NDDC Managing Director, Joy Nunieh as reported.

Life has since not been fair to Akpabio politically, since joining APC. Similarly, Magu has been caught in the web of corruption scandals being the man at the helms of affairs of the nation’s foremost anti-graft agency in Nigeria. Magu, similarly, has called on the Attorney General to be investigated for corruption too, being the man that instituted the charges on him.

Indeed, it’s being tough and rough for Buhari’s Administration, as it has become, Same Administration, many scandals!

1. Democratic Impunity

When it comes to regards to the constitution, the Buhari led administration has been the worst since the beginning of democratic rule in Nigeria. Ranging from several forms of judicial atrocities to the management of the public office. Buhari doesn’t respect the rule of law which evident in The Tales of Sowore.

2. Impossible Promises

Buhari has been in the presidential race since 2011 and finally got into power in the 2015 general elections. One of his major promises was a stable electricity supply and infrastructural development but it seems electricity has worsened over the years even after appointing a former governor.

3. Lack of Proactiveness

Buhari is a snail minded decision taker, several killings and slaughters ranging from Boko haram to herdsmen, citizens expect him to take decisive action that will stop such outrageous events from happening instead he keeps anticipating on the weak military force of the Nigerian army. Buhari ought to give the chief of army mandates to gear him towards these terrorist activities. Recently Nigerians got angry with him since the early refusal to close the borders as a result of the COVID pandemic.

4. Economic Downturn

well, when you are talking about why Buhari has failed? the aspect of the Nigerian economy cannot be underemphasized. Most Nigerians have said Buhari has brought nothing more than hardship to Nigeria. Some even call him the opposite of Goodluck(former president). Buhari lacks the intellectual capacity to manage the economy.

5. Mismanagement of office

Of course one of the reasons Buhari has failed is the ability to utilize his public office as the president. If you could remember the recent controversies between his daughter and the private jet saga, which caused a lot of stir online and public opinions as regards the matter after discovering his daughter used the private jet for a private trip. I consider it a total mismanagement of office.

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Anyway, there is numerous Reason Why Buhari Has Failed, I would stop here while I hear your opinions and contributions.

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