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Becoming a leader is a process I followed from a tender age- Nigeria’s youngest political appointee, Emmanuel Agida

Leadership Consultant and career coach, Emmanuel Agida sheds more light on journey before becoming the Special Assistant, Media, Public Relations, and Visual Communications to the Honourable Commissioner for Women, Children and Social Affairs, Osun State.

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On the 20th of April, Barr. Olaboopo Olubukola appointed Emmanuel Agida as her Special Assistant, Media, Public Relations, and Visual Communications to the Honourable Commissioner for Women, Children and Social Affairs, Osun State. This has posed a welcome atmosphere to the future of politics in Nigeria, a phenomenon adversely advocated over the past years enabling a system where the young ones who are capable can have a fair opportunity to exercise their leadership traits in public offices.

Emmanuel Agida
Special Assistant, Media, Public Relations, and Visual Communications to the Honourable Commissioner for Women, Children and Social Affairs, Osun State.

A milestone was made after a 17-year-old teenager was appointed as special assistant to the commissioner, one of the youngest political office holders in the country. These have spore several reactions as many are interested in how he had achieved such feet at that age. An exclusive interview with Pamilerin Coker sheds more story on the journey so far.

Tell us a little about your yourself and background?

I’m Emmanuel Agida, an author of two books, Success Compelium and Pathway to Heavenly Places, Public Speaker, Business and Leadership Consultant, Politician, Purpose Discovery Coach, Entrepreneur, and Mentor. I was born into the family of Late Pius Ocho Agida and Mrs. Euince Agida in Lagos state Alimosho Local Government where I grew up to the point where I’m.

I lost my dad at the age of 3, so my mum raised me up as a single mother, I wouldn’t say I wasn’t born with a silver spoon but my background has been a tough one. I Barely could identify my dad because I lost him at a very tender age, so that’s just a snippet of what my background looks like. I attended Flombest Private School in Alimosho Lagos state and I took both my primary and secondary education in Lagos State.

How did you start your career in leadership?

When I was the Head boy in class 6, I moved on to attain different leadership positions in Secondary school. I was a chapel Coordinator in Jss 1, I became the Ass. Class captain in Jss 2, class chaplain in Jss3, I became the Class Captain both in SS1 and 2 respectively. And I moved on to become the Head Boy of my secondary School in SS2.

Prior to this, I have taken up different leadership positions in the school, I was the coordinator of the Students Representative Council, the coordinator of the School Fellowship Council, President of the Press Club in my school, and many others. So for me, Leadership has been a thing from day one.

It was something I found myself doing and adapted to the system. I would say I was basically born a leader because I did perfectly well in every leadership position I attained since primary school. Becoming a leader is a process, and it was one I followed from a tender age. For basically, my leadership career started from Primary school.

You started an online chat outlet with leaders (chat with the achiever) what inspired you?

I have always had the desire to touch and Influence lives right from when I was little. Before my virtual show, I have hosted motivational talk shows for children in my street as far back as 14 years old. So my greatest inspiration is the desire to impact and touch lives.

You recently got an appointment as the media aide to the honorable commissioner for women, children, and social affairs, how do you feel about it?

My appointment as the Special Assistant to the commissioner is a foundation and push into my political journey. Before my appointment, I have always loved politics, I had a passion for politics. In fact, my Dad was a politician before he died.

Barr. Olaboopo Olubukola (left) Emmanuel Agida (right)

So I had always had this burning desire to be a politician, so getting the appointment, I feel elevated, one which made me the youngest political appointee in the country.
So basically, I feel blessed.

What are your expectations and focus regarding this new appointment?

My focus and expectations is to give my best by the Grace of God. I am looking forward to effecting change in the lives of many youths through my office. I want the youth to know that they can be young and do great things. They can be young and still effect change.

With your age and academic responsibilities, how do you intend to manage such a position?

I have always wanted my Academic career to be in line with purpose in other to strike a balance. I am currently pursuing a degree in Political Science and I have started fulfilling my purpose of being a politician.

It just like I have started practicing what I wish to study. All I just need to do is strike a balance between work and study like I have always done before. Both Academics and politics are my priorities, so none of it must suffer. But there is no greater joy than practicing and studying what you are most passionate about, it makes the work easier. Doing what you love is the term

What’s your driving force in the quest for leadership?

My driving force is to effect change in the political, economic, and social system of our great Nation. I am sick and tired of the situations of things in our country, and I believe things can change for good if only we stand up to effect change.

It rare to see young people occupying critical leadership positions in the country, my driving force is to effect a change to that system. A revolution would take place years from now, the youth would begin to occupy critical leadership and Political positions in the country. I am not saying we would be given the opportunity by the old cargoes, what I am saying In essence is that we would take it from them.

if we are not given the opportunity, we shall create one. So I am only being prepared by God for that time. That why I say too often “the process has started, but the time is yet to come” but the question is, how prepared would you be when the opportunity comes.

So I am only at a preparatory stage. I am still undergoing the process. I am a project under God’s Construction In summary, I have started taking Strategic and intentional steps to build the future I desire

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What do you have to say to young ones who look up to what you’ve achieved so far?

My first Advice to every young person out there is that they put God first In their life. To be more Frank with you, I wouldn’t have gotten to where I am today without God. I have enjoyed his Grace over time and you can also.

Because it is only Grace that makes a Secondary School leaver get an appointment as the Special Assistant to a commissioner, the least qualifications for such appointment is at least a BSC because it is a very critical position.

Discover God’s purpose for your life, as long as you have become closer to Him, pray to him to help you align to his purpose for your life.

I am a philosopher, I believe in the power of Dreaming Big. Ensure to dream big. See beyond your current status. Dream big and ensure to take strategic steps to bring your dream to reality

Be ready to pay a price. There is no pain, no gain. The road to success is rough so you must be prepared for the task. Don’t be fascinated by the Glory because there is a story to that Glory. Start building your story

Pamilerin Coker

Pamilerin Coker is known for recreating digital experiences, making them more efficient in the area of human retention.

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