Challenges of Higher Institutions; Proliferation of Quality over Quantity

Tertiary education is the gateway to the peak of academic and knowledge attainment, useful in a knowledge-driven economy.

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Challenges of Higher Institutions today unlike in the 60s when there were dire needs of graduates of Higher Institutions due to few Higher institutions, people resulted in traveling abroad not on the purpose of poor quality or standard of tertiary education, but for shortages and low numbers and quantity of Higher Institutions in Nigeria.

challenges of Higher Institutions

The first generation Universities of the University of Ibadan, Obafemi Awolowo University, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, and Ahmadu Bello University, served Nigerians with quality Education that could be equated with any in the world then. In fact, the University of Ibadan Teaching Hospital ranked as one of the best in the world back then.

Now with the granting of more licenses to both public and private entities to build, run and operate universities in the country, the standard seems to have been compromised not necessarily because there is a private entrant into the educational system to operate the university system, but because standards have been likely compromised by the public universities because of their revenue drive as lots of them operate substandard sandwich programs simply because, the bulk of their money is generated from there.

The Academic Staff Union of Universities in Nigeria(ASUU) issuing statements concerning the proliferation of Private Universities in Nigeria, should be seen as a challenge to all and sundry at ensuring standard is not compromised for money. Where a lecturer or professor is a visitor to many institutions and engages in part-time lecturing in three universities or more may be counter-productive and that certainly may compromise standards and indeed counterproductive.

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One of the best ways standard can be guaranteed on our campuses is to focus more on skill acquisition and personal development courses that will in turn promote self-reliance, competence, self-sufficiency that will in turn help to deemphasize our paper qualification and theoretical educational curriculum.

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