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COVID 19 and its Effect on Student’s Performances

The COVID 19 pandemics have seriously affected our entire sphere of endeavors., pub-1800157631388084, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0
Students for the past months have been out of school because of the pandemic. State Governors have taken lots of initiatives at engaging students and pupils through several means possible such as TV, Radio broadcast, and online learning. COVID 19 and its Effect on Student's Performances This has not in any way adequately engaged the student, cause of several constraints, including inadequate power supply and unaffordability of device and data to adequately connect and engage students. Most parents have subsequently improvised by sending their wards to mushroom tutorial centers around, that lack strict COVID regulations. With the Government’s recent reopening of schools to exit classes, several students are yet to come to terms with the realities on the ground, hence, the possibilities of mass failures looming. The period of lockdown and school closure was not possibly utilized for academic engagements, especially when the Government was not so sure of reopening schools even for exit clauses. The trauma and fear associated with COVID 19 pandemic are in itself enough to distract one from any meaningful engagements. The Government should, therefore, endeavor to put up strategies at reabsorbing students with not too impressive performance for extramural classes and to retake such exams at the cost to be borne by Government. Read Also What Is The Hope for 1,375,168 Students? Whatever the outcome of exams to be written by students in these exit classes, it should be seen as trauma associated with the pandemic and its consequence on society.

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