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Crowdyloan – Login | Signup | App | Review

A peer to peer investment website for users to earn returns on investment

Crowdyloan is a peer-to-peer loan disbursement web platform where users can invest and earn returns on money invested.


The platform which was launched in 2019 has become one of the largest in Nigeria with over 3000 active users, The website allows for registration and login.

You can also use the Crowdyloan app by downloading from official channels by allowing users to create their crowdy referral codes.

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How Crowdyloan Works

  • Register with a sum of 5,000 Naira
  • You get 10,000 Naira in 24 hours
  • Invest with 10,000 Naira and get 20,000 in 2 days

There are 5 lending levels summing up to N160,000 in returns in the space of 30 days. Users also have the option to delete their account at anytime.

The platform is not as legit as it seems they claim, according to those who have participated, compensation most times were based on referrals majorly.

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