#Endsars – The Beginning Of Again

A history breaking occurrence dating back to a mere tweet in 2017 to over a 28million tweets in 2020 lives rent-free in the heart of many within and across borders. The events that showed the world that there’s hope if truly we do things differently

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Actions and words both speak, one louder; the other better! A vicious cycle has just one fear an action-oriented stop and not an empty barrel’s noise. We do the latter at the expense of the former and the forever occurrence never seems to have an end.

#Endsars - The Beginning Of Again

Many will remember this social movement for the show of humanity’s feelings it rekindled. The one moment people of different tribes and tongues, religion and beliefs, culture and tradition, age and status left behind their shells for a common goal.

A defying moment when an identity like what tribe you are was substituted for the famous slogan ‘END SARS’. Needless to say, the unbroken spirits of gallant men risked their all and still came down to pick clean the floor. Donations that were transparent and accountable shown to all told the whole world this is the time for oppression to really fade.

Yes, lives were lost but for a just cause, businesses took a pause, but for a common goal. The enemy was placed in shock of the unity that history showed can move even God and as a result schemed means to bring an end to this revolutionary act.

The resistance was much but not up to the task as ‘he who pays the piper dictates the tune’. The realization of this reality led to the conclusion that many await with much eagerness. When next we are to choose, we won’t go for the tune but the piper to displace the dictator.

The labors of our hero’s past are about to go in vain yet again as the dreaded evil is already cooking while the compatriots are yet to arise. Nigeria’s calls obey, what if those who respond aren’t here to serve our fatherland but to make us wish for another man’s land?

The location is been prepared, the script is ready, cast and crew are ready only waiting for the day of the main shoot as the already existing not functioning have yet again commenced the process that will determine the one with the piper. The political parties we all vowed against have started gathering momentum by registering new members and validating the old ones.

This is a call to the youths who really want the change but are looking forward to the election period that here is the time to start. The piper is not won during the elections, the preparation before the election determines who wins. Young men and women with intellect, a political doppelganger of Awolowo and co, activist and men with the good interest of Nigeria at heart, now is the time to start.

The common enemy has started their movement, they’ve launched the beginning phase of the again, and now is the time to take action and not bank on just voices.

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Now is the time to clamor for voters card registration before it gets too late and frustration set in, now is the time to raise the funds to get the youth’s party rolling, now is the time to get in the drones for monitoring, now is the time to train the ones we want in power the dos and don’ts, now is the time to set the guides and collect public opinions, now is the time.

It is a wise saying that “no one wins outside the battle they lost already at the home ground” if we are not going to lose the battle to ‘again’, now is the time to act.

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