Exploring the age of technological revolution and societal advancement

Man has adapted to technology as the normal way of living. The breathtaking innovations and development being explored daily have made for our comforts in the environment and all walks of life. It is therefore hard to talk about society and the global world without bringing up the word 'technology'.

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One of the demands of nature is growth and growth signifies life. Hence, evolving is not just a choice but the law as growth is the major characteristic of life. Man throughout the ages has always invented mechanisms to ease his work. The incorporation of humanity and technology has become so deep that one without the other seems impossible.

Exploring the age of technological revolution and societal advancement

With our world definitely wired by tech, one tends to massively impact the other and vice versa. Every need in society directly points to technological advancement which is rapidly taking place at a huge pace and changing the world speedily. One can boldly say there is yet more to be explored.

Recall in the past decades when mobile phones were being used majorly for calls and other not so amazing things. Phones in the 21st century can lead you to a location you’ve never been to, give you all the information you will ever need on any subject, sell your products to customers anywhere and everywhere, get whatever you need to your doorstep without stepping out.

The global world has so much adapted to this way of life without even realizing how many miracles we have created for ourselves. When we take away some of these innovations, we would see how strenuous and time-consuming our work and daily activities tend to be.

Technology has affected our societal behavior, this has also led to the evolving of our economies further prompting a higher and greater dependence and need for more technology. Hence the cyclical motion. This principle of interdependence of society and technology has been man’s lifestyle even in historical times.

It is said that no single piece of technology – even failed technology – has had zero impact on human society. Every development of technology was brought about to fill a need or void in society. This shows that tech is embedded in the culture and behavior of its populace.

The input of technology also can modify or alter how the society behaves and operates further leading to new problems, modifying economic structures, and creating a new way of life leading to more technological innovations.

Imagine surviving the covid-19 lockdown without having a quarter of the current innovations. I’d rather say it is better not imagined. Working from home during the lockdown did not hamper our connectivity or hinder us from getting information and happenings in society.

One of the miracles of technology is bringing the world closer to us wherever we are. This has given us a sense of control over a lot of things including our lives. Living without gadgets (phones, laptops, etc) has been considered impossible by some people.

We are exploring the heights of a digital revolution. This includes artificial intelligence, blockchain, robotics among others. One of the most powerful technologies of the 21st century is Artificial Intelligence(AI). This technology has provided humanitarian assistance for complex problems with more added benefits although there has been skepticism on the risk associated with AI. Others also believe that the risk embedded therein outweighs its numerous benefits.

With artificial intelligence replacing most jobs in developed countries, skeptics have expressed the possibility of replacing human capacity with artificial intelligence considering their speed of work.

There are always two sides to every development and advancement. Some potential effects that were not put into consideration or quickly observed at the beginning of the invention become vivid over time. The negative effects sometimes surpass the benefits.

Robotics is said to be the future of technology with digitization at the forefront. The robotic car can provide updates on what you need to do, checking current traffic data to choose the routes that are least congested and so much more.

According to experts, driverless cars will minimize casualties caused by car accidents. It should also be considered that this would affect jobs, requiring less human capital. The evolution of robotics for decades has witnessed the unique advancement of these digital devices as they can locomote, manipulate, and relate with both people and the environment.

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We have witnessed further development from the personal computer to the personal robot. Robots will soon become the usual system like computers working alongside humans.

We are witnessing a great technological revolution fueled by the growing efficiencies of information systems merged with communications technology. The result is the comprehensive existence of amazingly extensive amounts of data.

A writer once said that It won’t be wrong to say ‘history has been written by the invention and use of advanced technology.’

When trying to define the world presently and the sophistication brought about by technology, what comes to mind is ‘ease’.

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