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Fondness of birds with letters “A”

With my 5 years of experience working remotely, I learned that keeping animals helps boost our liveliness and companionship, and one of the most bubbly and inquisitive pet are birds. Trust me, it's until you get one of them you will understand the euphoria they bring to your home., pub-1800157631388084, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

One of the cons of technology is its ancillary support to the public. Working and studying remotely have been adopted recently due to lockdown in our part of the country.

The A-List Birds

whether you are a college student or a company executive, all means of working with your colleagues must be remote. This newly adopted method is strange to a large percentage of us but, to mute panic I can assure you that working remotely is the best.

Due to my fondness with the letter “A”, I would like to share with you some birds that begin with the Alphabet “A” and put you through the process of nurturing them, those that require aviaries and empathy required to raise these wonderful creatures. 

There are over a thousand species of birds that are equally friendly ranging from the parakeets to the dove and the cockatiels but they do not begin with the letter “A”, therefore we have our birds discussing ranges from the Allen hummingbird to the Abert towhee and the Apapane.

The A-List Birds And You

1. The Alexandra

A very beautiful and rare species of parrot which are mostly owned by royalty and important personalities [though you can get it if you have the money]. The mini-sized parrot is named after Alexander the Great (because he was involved in the haulage of countless birds in times gone by).

The Alexandra also called alexandrine parrot has lived an untamed lifestyle with some of its close relatives in the past because of its affinity for woods and forest trees, it feeds mainly on fruits and can cause excessive harm to grain crops like maize.

2. The Allen

A species of hummingbird with unique compactness and very friendly. It is mostly found in California and southern Oregon.

They got their name from the humming noise that is generated when they flap their wings very fast. They cannot work or hop but their feet can be used to bolt sideways.

When they want to rest, their feet are used mainly for itching and for grooming their feathers to keep them in the best condition. The Allen loves sugar, consuming half of its weight in sugar daily. It feeds nectar and small insects especially spiders.

3. The Armenian Gull

Since it builds its nest beside mountain lakes in Georgia, it got the name Armenian gull. It is a member of the gull species and is averagely sized. With their omnivorous attribute, they can eat a wide variety of foods such as insects, eggs, and leftovers.

These special birds can drink either freshwater or saltwater. In the aspect of friendliness and companionship, they are rated high because they are intelligent and highly inquisitive.

4. Artic tern

They feed mainly on fish, and they move in colonies. The artic tern has a special social call that differentiates it from other birds. Its ability to remain stationary in air makes it exceptional and distinct. It is common in the Antarctica and arctic. They are usually quiet but friendly as well.

5. Apostlebird

Also known when together as the “twelve apostles” is a mini sized bird mainly seen on the ground. According to my research, they coexist helpfully in groups, taking care of fellow birds, eggs, and chicks. They feed mainly on insects and vegetation under trees in the woodland.

6. Apapane

If you are the type that likes listening to songs, getting an apapane will be beneficial [if you understand them]. The males stand out distinctively when singing every special moment in the day.  These tiny beautiful creatures have different calls and songs pattern and are super abundant around islands. They rely mainly on the nectar of flowers and also help in fertilizations of these plants. Apapane is environmentally friendly and not uncommon.

7. Ant-chat

As their name implies, they feed mainly on ants. Other things they feed on include termites and other insects such as butterflies and bees. They are found mainly in the native region of southern Africa. They are friendly to humans but insects have a different opinion of them.

8. Ansorge greenbul

When listing song birds, the ansorge greenbul of the bulbul must not be left out. It was named after the British explorer Williams john Ansorge, based on his history of collecting historical specimens in Africa those years, it has some subspecies and is widely available in the central part of Africa. Being a song bird, it is also environmentally friendly.

9. Anjouan sunbird

another prime type of songbird is the anjouan sunbird, the sunbird species is a really beautiful bird that reflects the sun like a mirror thus, emphasizing its body colors. Its colors from red to brown, orange, blue, green, and more, just like the rainbow. Anjouan is a very tiny bird with a curved beak used to extract nectar from flowers [their primary food].

They also feed on insects that pick off flowers mostly spiders, thus earning them the nickname “spiderhunters”.         

Anjouan sunbirds make it hard for humans to pet them because, of their specific dietary needs [the pollination of flowers in neighborhoods] but it is legal to have these birds in your homes.

The male species are the best at singing. If you have the money to build aviaries that can house wide varieties of flowers, you can pet the anjouan sunbirds.

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You need to check if your environs support the rearing of birds, because some neighborhoods do not, therefore, disobeying the law will lead to punishment if you have a go-ahead from your neighborhood then make an extensive research about the bird you want to pet.

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