Fulani Vs Egun; A Juxtaposition of Two Invaders.

These tales of two invasions by Fulani in the north and Egun in the Southwest leaves us with scenarios, one, as jihadists, a ruinous and belligerent set of people as represented by the Fulanis, and a peaceful and most decorum as the Eguns is known for.

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The Fulanis are said to originate from Futa Jalon, somewhere in today’s Burkina Faso and they currently occupy and across they cut-across West African Subregion. They are jihadists and one thing they are known for is the forceful takeover of territories and forceful imposition of Islam.

Fulani Vs Egun

The Eguns, on the other hand, are a handful of people compared to Fulanis in numbers, they occupy the Yoruba’s Southwest State. Though history couldn’t rule out some form of wars against the Yoruba people, they are largely peaceful and don’t possess a domineering attitude compared to the Fulani. The Eguns were peacefully assimilated into SouthWest, Yoruba culture, which makes them peacefully interact and relay with the Southwest Yoruba people. They are largely farmers and they own farming communities in Yorubaland.

Unlike the Fulani, they not only annex the entire north, but they are also continuously making an incursion into other territories in the country. Though fewer in numbers compared to Hausas, they have totally subsumed and subjugated the Hausa tribe and gradually incurring into the political sphere in Nigeria.

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The Yorubas remain the only tribe that has defeated the Fulanis in History, that was in 1840, ever since then attempt to take over the Ilorin caliphate has met brick walls and has continued to date. The Ilorin take-over was a betrayal from the rank and file of the Yoruba traditional army headed by Afonja.

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