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How 200 Families Survived Destitution Through The Olorunsheyi Foundation

The shanty area of Ilaje, Bariga, has not failed to regularly make the top list of unhealthy and poverty-stricken places in the fast ever-growing and overcrowded Lagos.

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How the Olorunsheyi Foundation helped 200 families – It is scary to think poverty and its attendant irregularities continue to breed no matter prepare we try to change. Even scarier is when a particular region is not only perpetually poor and unhealthy but also gets worse.

The Olorunsheyi Foundation helped 200 families

Piles of dirt loudly shame the streets; houses fight one another to breathe; mosquitoes happily dispense their duties; and myriads of stagnant water feed passers-by and dwellers with horrible stenches and diseases. These have been the highlights of the Ilaje community which has, more or less, surrendered to this hardship.


It is nice and relieving, however, to see the broad, curvy lines on brightened faces of over 600 beneficiaries when the Olorunsheyi Foundation made good her intention to take the messianic step in supplying food and medical care to them.

The Olorunsheyi foundation is built on integrity and a broad vision to reach out to the homed but struggling ones, the less privileged, and the vulnerable ones in society. The outreach which was held on the 27th of June 2021 was welcomed by an awaiting crowd of people anticipating getting treatment for Malaria, one of the ravaging illnesses dominant in the area.

So many people had different things to say about the outreach. To Mrs. Lade Makinwa, a breastfeeding mother had this to say ‘I pray God to bless the Olorunsheyi Foundation and the other foundations who came to help us’. One could see the happiness and joy in her voice as she is one of the many people who could be perceived to be as happy for this timely intervention to their community.

Also, this wasn’t just a medical outreach, but it was also a food and cloth drive which food drive was dominantly provided by the Olorunsheyi Foundation. People were directed on how and where to get the foodstuffs from which include Rice, Spaghetti, Garri, Oil, and other food items. We believe that drugs are needed but the food to facilitate them is as important as the drug itself.

To conclude, one could say this day is one of satisfaction as the crowd danced to the different music and games on the day. It was also a fun-filled and enlightening day as members of the community were entertained and in the same vein taught how to keep their environment clean.

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One of the representatives of the Olorunsheyi foundation spoke to the crowd on how healthy living and lifestyle are one of the key factors to reducing malaria in the area. At the end of the outreach, Executives Initiative the host of the outreach recorded that 200 families were attended to, which included 200 Families, 258 adults, 360 children, 234 males, and 384 females.

The Olorunsheyi Foundation’s goal is to cut across 1 million people and it is gradually getting there.

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