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How to Add Nigeria debit card on ios [solved]

An average I phone user in Nigeria faces this persistent problem which is a major turnout for most ios users across Nigeria.

Linking your card can be so tedious and frustrating. Am going to be giving you step by step guide on How to Add Nigeria debit card on ios.

How to Add Nigeria debit card on ios

Apple recently had a rift with the exchange market in the allocation of monetary charges outside the united states especially African countries and major financial institutions in Nigeria were not able to keep up with the global policy except zenith!! yes, I said zenith bank! Of recently I got a zenith MasterCard and incorporating the payment was seamless, so let me get back to business on those

Steps on How to Add Nigeria debit card on ios

  • Visit the nearest ATM and insert your master card.
  • input your 4 digit password required to proceed to the next phase.
  • Select quick teller on the option screen
  • select pay bills from the available options
  • you will see a list of options, kindly select others for the bill payment option list
  • Enter 322222 as your biller code
  • Enter your phone number as your customer reference number and click on the proceed button.
  • you will get a notification on making payments “Do you want to make a payment this payment?’ Amount due: N1
  • Note: Do not edit the amount to be paid (Click on pay amount due)
  • you will get a confirmation on successful registration

So at this point when adding your card make sure you have at; least 5000 in your account, as apple may want to charge you in the process of linking your card.

I hope you know How to Add Nigeria debit card on ios?

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kindly drop your experience in the comment section and your views about how you were able to link yours.

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