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How To Apply For International Passport In Nigeria

Applying for your international passport as a Nigerian can be done in several ways, here is the fastest and simplest Method, pub-1800157631388084, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Many Nigerians are buffed up with the entire process of getting an international passport which is actually easy than you think. Here is a guideline on how to apply for international passport in Nigeria.

How To Apply For International Passport In Nigeria

There are basically two ways you can apply for your international passport here in Nigeria which I would call the official method and the backdoor method.

Requirements to Apply for International Passport

According to the immigration service of Nigeria, here are the necessary requirement needed to obtain a Nigerian passport;

  • A valid identification card
  • Two passport photographs
  • Birth Certificate
  • State of Origin
  • Change of Name affidavit
  • Marriage certificate if applicable
  • Guarantor

How To Apply For International Passport In Nigeria

You can apply for your international online which is one of the fastest and easiest methods, kindly follow the step by step guide;

  1. Visit the immigration website at
  2. Select passport type and country
  3. Fill in all necessary information required
  4. Scan all required document and upload
  5. Make payments and generate your reference number
  6. An Application ID would be issued upon successful payments
  7. Print out your guarantor form and submit

You will need to visit a processing branch near you for capturing and biometrics.


An international passport in Nigeria costs 25,000 naira. This price varies according to age, booklet pages, and years.

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The backdoor method is also called instant passport and the processing fee is 35,000 naira which part serves as an incentive in speeding up the application process.

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