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How to Apply for prepaid meter in Nigeria

The electricity distribution company would be giving out over 73,597 meters to various homes and organisation.

How to apply for prepaid meter in Nigeria is one major question asked by landlords, tenants,s or business owners. Prepaid meters are alternative to the billing method used by energy consumers but unfortunately, this development is yet to benefit most Nigerians.

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The introduction of the prepaid meters as a result of the overestimated bills charged by the distribution company over the past years. There are several advantages of using prepaid meters over the traditional billing method which are;

  • Payment of electricity bills via Debit or Credit cards
  • Actual estimated billing on power consumption
  • Compare energy usage and improve budgeting

How to Apply for prepaid meter

There are basic steps needed for the application of a prepaid meter in Nigeria. The process can be started online and completed offline by visiting the nearest distribution branch within your locality. Follow these guidelines on how to apply for a prepaid meter;

  1. Visit the official website of the Power Holding Company of Nigeria
  2. Create an account by signing up or if you have a previous/existing account login
  3. Navigate to the registration panel and generate a unique identification code
  4. Walk into any distribution branch around you and ask for the ERS department
  5. A form would be given to you to fill, kindly fill this form accurately
  6. A processing fee of #7000 would be paid through remitta
  7. installation would commence within 25-30 working days.

According to the deputy spoke person to the holding company, Ramzan Ahmed says installation of prepaid meters is free at no cost.

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Applying for prepaid meter can be quite tedious and stressful to be sincere with you but it’s actually worth it, I mean speaking from experience with the traditional billing method.

Kindly note that registration processes are subjected to change from time to time but we would be updating the post regularly. Share with your loved ones and friends cheers!

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