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How To Delete Birchbox Account – Cancel Account

Have you developed a disinterest in using your Birchbox account? Or do you think you no longer need the services of Birchbox and as a result, you are looking forward to deactivating, deleting, or canceling your Birchbox account?, pub-1800157631388084, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Of course, there could be a lot of reasons why you have grown this sudden disinterest in using and subscribing to the services of Birchbox and you’re probably figuring out how to delete your Brichbox account? deleting your account is as simple as ABC, there are various steps to follow but I would be highlighting the easiest way.

 Perhaps, one of these reasons include not having enough money to continue subscribing for their services or disturbing email trooping into your email box from Birchbox, and this is often considered spamming.

how to delete brichbox account

Not to worry as we will enumerate the necessary steps you must take to delete your Birchbox account in minutes. Just carefully follow the steps provided in this article. But first, we would show you how to sign out of receiving messages from Birchbox on your smartphone, just in case this is the only reason you want to deactivate your Birchbox account. The below two methods can be used to sign out of receiving messages and notifications from their platform:

  1. You can stop receiving messages from Birchbox by logging in to your account and then, switch off text message notifications.
  2. If you don’t like the first method, you can send STOP to info@birchbox.con and they will deactivate notifications on your account.

How to Unsubscribe From Birchbox Email Notification

To stop receiving emails from Birchbox is straightforward. Just open your email application, and select that particular email account you used to subscribe to Birchbox.

Open one of the emails they sent to you and scroll down to the bottom of it. You will see a button for unsubscribing. Hit the unsubscribe button and you won’t receive emails from them again unless you resubscribe to their emails.

What is Birchbox?

Birchbox may not be a global sensation, yet it is important to women in the United States. The company is based in New York and its major service is to provide loyal subscribers with numerous picture samples of beauty and cosmetic products. Any subscriber who picks interest in any of the samples can go ahead to purchase it on the Birchbox website. It is worthy of note to mention that 2.5million people depend on Birchbox for this service.

How to Delete Birchbox Account

There are three different ways you use to deactivate your Birchbox account. You can follow any of the three to achieve your goal.

  1. You can deactivate your Birchbox account through a simple webchat on the Birchbox website. Follow the steps below.
  • Log in to
  • Select the “webchat” icon on the right corner of the website and start a chat with a customer care representative regarding what you want.
  • Your account information will be needed, send it to the agent.
  • Request the agent to cancel your Birchbox account.
  • Also, request a confirmation number from the agent or representative.
  • Question the representative on whether you will be charged after canceling your account.
  • Retain your account cancellation confirmation number and email as valid proof that you have already canceled your Birchbox account.
  1. You can also delete your Birchbox account by calling a live agent on the phone.
  • Call Birchbox business phone line on 1-(877) 481-(877) 487-7272
  • Tell the live agent that you intend to cancel your Birchbox account.
  • Give the representative or agent your account details.
  • If you need a refund, request for it at once.
  • Ascertain from the representative whether you will be charged again for their services.
  • Keep the cancellation confirmation message you receive after the call.
  1. Send an email requesting the company to cancel your account. Here you have to do more of the work and then wait for Birchbox to reply to your email.
  • You have to log into the email that is linked to your Birchbox accounts.
  • Write an email requesting the cancellation of your Birchbox account. You have to give a good reason for this.
  • Keep this in mind, you must list all the details of your account in the body of your email.
  • The subject of your email should be “Request to Delete My Birchbox Account”.
  • When you are done composing your email, send it to
  • Here is a sample of what your email should look like.

Dear (Company Name) Team,

I created an account in your database with the name ……………. and the email address that is connected to the account is ………………..
However, for some reason, I have decided not to not to use the account anymore. As a result of my decision, I request that you kindly delete my account from your database and also wipe all notifications connected to my account.

Your Name.
Email Account.
Phone Number.

NB: Your name, email, and phone line must be in line with the one you used in creating your Birchbox account.


We have provided all of the methods you need to deactivate your Birchbox account. We hope you find this article helpful.

If you have any questions regarding Birchbox and its services, we would be willing to answer your questions in the comment section.

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