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How To Delete Tango Account [Deactivate] 5 Steps

Despite the benefits that come with having an account on the platform as explained above, there have been a series of requests both in the past and present, about users who wish to delete their respective accounts., pub-1800157631388084, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Figuring out how to delete your Tango account? deleting your tango account is as simple as ABC, there are various steps to follow but I would be highlighting the easiest way.

how to delete tango account

We would also be looking at more information regarding this platform and how to navigate it, furthermore you would discover how to sign in and sign up for a tango account?

What is Tango Account?

Before diving into how to delete tango alley account, let’s find out what this online streaming platform is, the purpose, and its uses.

The website was founded in 2009, which had continued to grow in the number of users and visitors across the globe which has made them among the most popular messaging apps with over four hundred and fifty million active users on the platform, before it pivoted into a livestreaming app.

Users can create accounts, engage, view user profiles, connect social media accounts, and interact with members. In the past users find it difficult in deleting their accounts.

How to delete Tango account –

Kindly follow these steps to delete your tango account;

  • Login to
  • Select your profile page
  • Locate account settings at the top right
  • Tap ‘Delete Account
  • Choose reasons for deleting account
  • Confirm and deactivate

You can also draft a mail used in registering your account with the subject Request To Delete Account to Include the reason for account deletion and your account would be deactivated within 7 days

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This is everything you need to know on how to delete Tango account, kindly share and leave a comment and I would be happy to assist.

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