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How to register for N-Power Programme

N Power is a scheme set up by the federal government aimed at empowering 1 million youths across Nigeria, pub-1800157631388084, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

On the 8th of June 2016, President Muhammadu Buhari kicked of the N-Power Programme as part of his promises made to the Nigerian youth to reduce unemployment and foster social development. There are basic steps and guidelines on how to register for N-Power Programme, all you need to do is;

register for N-Power

  • Choose your programme
  • Start Your Application
  • Wait for selection

There are several major ways to actually register for N-Power programme but I would stick to the easiest and most common way around it. The N-Power programme is divided into 8 major programmes which are;

N-Power Programmes

1. N-Power Agro

N-Power Agro Volunteers will provide advisory services to farmers across the country. They will disseminate the knowledge that has been aggregated by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in the area of extension services. They will also gather data on Nigeria’s agricultural assets.

2. N-Power Tax

N-Power Tax seeks to encourage non-compliant and partially compliant taxpayers to come clean and declare and pay their appropriate tax due to the government. A minimum of 3,700 N-Power volunteers will be selected to work as Community Tax Liaison Officers to work in their states of residence with the state’s tax authorities. The N-Power community tax liaison officers will have the following key responsibilities which will include answering online inquiries, customer management, creating awareness of tax compliance.

3. N-Power Build

N-Power Build is an accelerated training and certification (Skills to Job) programme that will engage and train 75,000 young unemployed Nigerians in order to build a new crop of the skilled and highly competent workforce of technicians, artisans, and service professionals.

4. N-Power Creative

The N-Power Creative programme will train and develop 5,000 young creative talents. The strategy is to put our creative industry on the global radar as exporters of world-class services and content. Training will last 3 months, made up of 1-month in-class and a 2-month hands-on group project, across selected Nigerian cities. The participants will be trained and certified in one of the following courses.

5. N- Power Health

N-Power Health Volunteers will help improve and promote preventive healthcare in their communities to vulnerable members of society including pregnant women and children and to families and individuals.

6. N-Power Teach

N-Power Teach Volunteers will help improve basic education delivery in Nigeria. N-Power Teach Volunteers will be deployed as teacher assistants in primary schools around Nigeria. They will not replace the current teachers but will work as support teachers across Nigeria, assisting with teaching, school management, and other functions within the schools. Where possible, they will also assist in taking basic education to children in marginalized communities.

7. N-Power Tech Hardware

The N-Power Tech. for device technicians program will train and facilitate tooling for at least 10,000 technicians to boost the device servicing and manufacturing industry. The output of this program will serve as a critical catalyst for the expansion of local capacity to service and produce mobile phones, tablets, computers, and other relevant devices to serve the local and international market.

Participants will undergo a hands-on training experience wherein they will be exposed to practical processes and tools to assemble and repair devices of varying specifications. At the end often the program, participants will be armed with the requisite technical skills to service devices in their local communities as well as work in a device assembly plant. The program will take 3 months of training and 1 month of assessment, graduation, and setup. Participants will be advised on opportunities to acquire tools to practice.

8. N-Power Tech Software

The N-Power Tech for developers programme will train, tool, and position 10,000 hands-on software developers for the local and international software development market. Participants will undergo a project-based model to training wherein they will be exposed to foundational software development tools as well as resources to thrive as a modern-day software developer entrepreneur.

The programme will seek to establish the foundation knowledge, tools, and platform upon which participants can pursue a career as software development entrepreneurs. Training will last 11 weeks and culminate with job fairs to link participants with placement opportunities within their respective localities. The programme will also offer a continuity platform to support participants with learning and engagement opportunities on a continuous basis. Participants will be enabled with a device to continue the practice and exploration of opportunities after training.

How to register for N-Power Programme

You can register for N-Power programme by following these steps;

  • Visit the N-Power official website
  • At the top menu bar locate the N-Power programme
  • Select your category (Graduate or Non-Graduate)
  • Chose the programme you wish to apply for
  • you would see an apply button on the left side of the page select apply
  • You would be redirected to the application page
  • Fill and complete your details accurately
  • Upload all necessary documents
  • Your information would be verified within 2 working days
  • After verification, you would wait for the next selection batch

The National Social Investment Programmes were created to overcome the failings of the past and to enshrine the values and vision of the current Administration for graduating its citizens from poverty through capacity building, investment, and direct support.

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The programme has since benefited over 3 million beneficiaries across Nigeria, a major step towards social sustainability. You can also take advantage and register for N-Power

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