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How To Register For National Identity Card (NIN)

The national identity card is as important as being a Nigerian which a citizen must have a unique tracking identification number, pub-1800157631388084, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

The registration for the National Identity card commenced in 2007 which later became a mandatory procedure in 2013, but despite how important this procedure is, so many Nigerians are yet to register for their NIN (National Identity Number). There are several guidelines on how to register for national identity card;

How To Register For National Identity Card

What is NIN?

The National Identification Number (NIN) is a unique set of numbers assigned to an individual upon successful enrolment by the National Identity Management Commission.

Eligibility For NIN

All citizens of Nigeria above the age of 16 are eligible for NIN.

How To Register For National Identity Card (NIN)

You can register for NIN in 2 stages, which are the Pre-Enrolment(Online) and Enrolment stage.

How To Register For NIN Online (Pre-Enrolment)

Follow these steps on how to register for NIN online;

  • visit the official website of NIMC (
  • Navigate to the pre-enrolment portal at (
  • Fill in all the necessary information accurately in block letters and print out the summary
  • A b2D barcode would be generated

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NIN Digital Identity Card

Citizens who have completed and gotten NIN (National Identity Number) are eligible for the digital identity card.

How to Get Your National Digital Identity Card

You can get your digital identity card by downloading the NMIC app on google play or the app store for free.

  • Input your National Identification Number
  • Input your BVN
  • A confirmation would be sent to your registered number linked to your NIN
  • Input the token and confirm by creating a 6 digit password
  • Head to the SHOW MY ID tab
  • You would find a digital ID card there

The app can view in basic and full ID among other several features like virtual NIN, printing NIN slips, and linking numbers.

Digital Identity Card

How to Get Your Virtual NIN

You can get your virtual NIN by using the official NMIC app;

  1. Log in by inputting your password
  2. Click on the GET VIRTUAL NIN tab
  3. On the NIN TOKENIZATION page read through the data privacy
  4. Select the + sign button below on the right
  5. Scan or Type enterprise QR code or ID
  6. Select GENERATE
  7. A temporary token would be generated for you.

This feature is available only if you don’t want to use your actual National Identity Number to register for various services online.

How to Print NIN Slip Online

You can print your NIN Slip by visiting the official portal of the NMIC or downloading the official NMIC app. A total of 1000 naira would be paid upon generating your slip via remitta.

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