Kaduna killings; A symbol of a defective Humanity

The gory tales of the incessant Southern Kaduna killings have called to question as to where lies our common humanity, Pamilerin Coker writes.

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The media space is often dominated by gory pictures of massacres of ladies, pregnant ladies, women, men, children, unborn babies, and infants, gruesomely murdered by those identified as enemies of our common humanity.

kaduna killings

The Fulani herdsmen are usually the culprits often fingered in such heinous act and this has been from time immemorial before the advent of Boko Haram insurgents, making Southern Kaduna killings a reoccurring menace which remains unabated.

These notorious killings have always led to international reactions and oftentimes, the United States has always termed the Southern Kaduna massacre as killings of predominant Christians which make up the area.

The Kaduna State Government recently said the sum of N15 billion had been expended on Security in the past 5 years, which rather should have been spent on providing public goods for the betterment of the life of Kaduna indigenes.

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Southern Kaduna massacre is one massacre too many targeted at minority ethnic groups who are predominantly Christians and as it is, they are one of the most affected by the brutal and heinous crimes perpetrated by the Fulani herdsmen because of its persistence.

One salient question that often comes to mind each time such brutal killings are carried out is the place of dialogue in our common humanity.

What then are the roles of community and opinion leaders in fine-tuning strategies at ensuring lasting peace in the Southern Kaduna Community, we therefore ask?

How can the Fulani herdsmen be convinced that they do not have unhindered access to the Ancestral heritage of others, we further ask? So then, how do we acknowledge and respect our common humanity when some group of people, usually, the Fulani herdsmen see themselves as rightful owners of other peoples’ inheritances and then start to rape, maim and kill them as a result of that?

Southern Kaduna’s unabated killings remain one of the most embarrassing killings in our national life and it is symbolic of defective humanity.

Pamilerin Coker

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