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Kuda Vs Fairmoney – The Bank of the Future

Kuda and Fairmoney micro finance bank have now been the forefront of the banking industry in 2021

The two major forefronts among several are Kuda Bank and Fairmoney (Kuda Vs Fairmoney}. Banking has become one of the major daily activities of an average Nigerian, bill payments to airtime recharge and money transfer as digital banking begins to evolve in this present century. They’ve been a significant rise in mobile banking platforms with over 300 apps available on android and IOS platforms. Kuda Vs Fairmoney

The both company started in 2017 and licensed into a micro finance firm. We would be diving further into these two major platforms, comparing and estimating which of these platforms is likely to lead as the digital bank in the next 3 years.

Kuda Vs Fairmoney

Operating System Availability

The ability for potential and existing users to have access to the app via android or iOS which has given Kuda an edge over fairmoney which is only available on the google plays tore.

Not certain when fairmoney would be available for ios users but as at drafting this post, kuda would have much user market share as per it’s availability on both operating system.


The total number of free transactions differs as kuda offers 50 free transactions while fairmoney offers 100 free transactions making them lead.

After transaction quota has been used charges would be applicable for every transaction made through the app.


In terms of User interface and Experience both platforms have stand out, kuda seems to offer more in terms of overall experience e.g. budgeting and fingerprints login etc.

Fairmoney on the other hand doesn’t really have much to offer in that area, users are only allowed to login using a four digit pin and lacks money management tools for users.

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Loans and Overdraft

So many banking users need access to loans and overdraft as quickly as possible and both platforms have paved their way into the money lending business.

Although they started as a lending platform before further scaling into a full financial firm, With fairmoney you have access to loans of up to 1 million and an overdraft of up to 300,000 on Kuda.

So in the area of loans then fairmoney would be your best bet, or you need quick cash for something urgent then you can bank on Kuda. You must have been very active on the platform for 6 month to have access to overdrafts.


From my own point of view i think Kuda has more to offer as compared to it’s rival fairmoney(Kuda Vs Fairmoney). whichever one works for you, drop a comment below and state why you would love to use the platform.

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