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Match2night – Login | Sign Up | Delete Account | Reviews

Match2night is a platform for real time conversation between matured men and women

Match2night is a website that allows communication of sexual fantasies between adults older than 18. The website is designed to simulate realistic role-playing by chatting with animators who are not identified separately for the entertainment of the user.


The company which initially launched with selling 2017 now claims one of the most extreme sexual content dating sites with over 5,000 active users

Match2night was founded by Kyle Madox in Kuwait, Amsterdam, a high school leaver who dropped out to start a dating site.

With over 5,000 active users both males and females above 18 can interact explicitly with utmost privacy about their images and information.


The Website allows users to create an account, sign up and delete accounts with the option to edit account information.

You can get match2night free tokens by completing various online tasks and gets rewards after, which can only be used within the website


Reviews according to dating trust point and security have rated 3 stars with over 500 independent ratings from over 50 countries.

There are several ways in going about deleting your Match2night account but I would be highlighting the most effective method.

How To Delete Match2night Account

Follow these steps to delete your Match2night account;

  • Log in to www.match2night
  • Locate “My account settings”
  • Select “Help” Section
  • Click “Suspend your account”
  • Fill in your Login details and confirm

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Your account would be deleted after 7 working days of inactivity. Avoid logging into your account within this period unless you may wish to change your mind. I hope with this tutorial you are now able to delete your match account with ease, kindly drop a comment and I would be glad to assist you.

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