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Misandrist – A Feminist Misinterpretation

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A misandrist and a feminist are quite misinterpreted and intertwined today. A feminist is someone who advocates woman’s rights based on seeking equality among the sexes. Simply put, a feminist is one who wants equality in professional and educational opportunities between both men and women.

A Feminist Misinterpretation

A feminist does not seek sameness, after a man and a woman may not have equal strengths. Misandrist, on the other hand, is one who hates, has contempt, and displays prejudice against the masculine gender.

A misandrist believes in sexual discrimination and violence against men. In a nutshell, a misandrist is a ‘male hater’.

The Patriarchy Structure

One of the key differences between a misandrist and a feminist is their approach to the patriarch structure. A misandrist wish to switch the structure, ushering in a completely new one; ‘ the matriarchy structure. For feminists, they don’t seek to switch, rather they seek to disassemble the structure completely.

This power structure affects both men and women. Patriarchy supports emotionless males, painting men as superheroes with no feelings. It also paints men to be incapable of having mental health issues or be sexually abused.

For women, this structure encourages the idea that a woman is dependent, overly emotional, and family caretakers alone. A misandrist is one who wants to reverse this belief in her favor, while a feminist is one that believes this should be overturned.

Why The Confusion?

As social media activism became rampant, it became evident that many so-called online feminists are not truly what they seem to uphold. Men-hating and men-harm is subtly encouraged with girl-power and women rules posts.

Many of these are misandrist that hides in the shadow of feminism making this course ridiculed and looked down on by many.

Due to this misconception about what feminism stands for, many of this misandrist openly declared their hate for men and their quest for a world being run under a matriarch structure. This is in no way what feminism stands for.

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A Big Difference

Feminism stands to advocate the rights of women but never at the expense of neglecting men’s rights. A misandrist wants the rights of women to overshadow any men’s rights. A misandrist is not a feminist. Misandry can never equate to feminism.

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