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Bagging My 3 College Degrees Was Challenging – Kaffydadiva

A Prominent Young Nigerian Nurse and Health care worker/administrator based in the United States Kafayat Shodiya (kaffydadiva) shed more information about the journey of such achievement in an exclusive interview with Pamilerin Coker.

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Kaffydadiva is formerly known as Kafayat Shodiya reminiscing on bagging her 3 U.S college degrees with honors. After getting a whole lot of attention and recognition, she narrates her experience and basically everything you need to know about kaffydadiva.

Well on Instagram you are known as Kaffydadiva, What’s the inspiration behind that name kaffydadiva?

Well..hmm I actually was using several names before I finally came up with the name I think I was using my name before coming up with a nickname for several reasons you know because I started with using Facebook so people tend to misuse a lot of privacy, that’s more of the reasons I chose a username distinct from my name.


Tell me a brief background about yourself?

My name is Kafayat Shodiya, People know me as kaffydadiva am from Nigeria, a Muslim family to be precise, I attended Lagos state polytechnic (Laspotech). I have always wanted to be a journalist so I studied mass communication. I grew up in surulere where my mother resides. I moved into the United States a few years ago so I started working at Mac Donald for about 3 months. Then I saw a training program for nursing, although it was an advert so I decided to jump into the offer after which the journey of my nursing career began.

Kafayat Shodiya

What other fields are you into apart from your current career?

Well nothing, for now, I am basically focused on my job although I love fashion so I might come up with development later on.

So how was the journey for you in the phase of bagging your degrees

It wasn’t all that easy though because I had to work and meet ends meet while studying at the same time. It was indeed a tough journey. I had to collect several loans for my education running up to millions, but with hard-working, perseverance, and determination I was able to conquer.

Moving on to your social life, what’s the typical architecture of what your social life is?

Hmm, my social life…I think it’s all around the Instagram platform, you know I am not what exactly people see on the gram. I barely attend parties, I have never tasted alcohol before..lol. looking at the background I came from my mom was really a woman of values and principles…I can’t just imagine her storming my page lol. You understand the way Nigerian mothers can always be?

Can we call you an Influencer? Do you intend to work with brands or have you worked with brands?

I joined this platform basically for fun, even me myself didn’t look at it coming out like this, I really don’t really have the influencing exposure, even my bio has been of great help and how I came about it was stumbling on Kemi Olunloyo’s Instagram handle where she wrote a certain amount of degrees she has achieved so I thought it’s something I should be proud of, so I decided to incorporate it into my bio.

Right now am not working with any brand, though a lot of brands have come with influencer partnership I declined to have the fact that I am not sure of the authenticity of the brand. I am not certain about most of the products. I feel working on my personal brand now is more of a value to me because I’d love to go into fashion.

Do you have a particular principle or philosophy that keeps you going?

Well, it’s God, determination, and hard work that has been guiding me through all the storms and challenges of life.

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Finally, What do you want to tell young people out there who are inspired by you?

I will tell them to keep their dreams, and keep working towards it and never give up!!








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