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Nairalink – Login | Sign Up | App | Reviews

Can you really earn on nairalink?

Nairalink is a website that provides business owners with affiliate online tasks basically for sharing content and users get paid at the end of each task.


The website which started sometime in 2018 provides the option to register as a marketer or advertiser using their official website.

How To Earn On Nairalink Login

You can earn by following these steps;

  • Register or Create an account on their official website
  • Link social media accounts
  • Start promoting post

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Youn can also login, create an account, and edit on the app for free, according to various reviews nairalink app is not legit as it seems they portray it.

According to a survey by previous users, the majority confirmed that the platform is no longer effective and functional, even the get started button links to another website

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