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Obasanjo’s Letter on Buruji Kashamu’s Death; A Condolence or a Mockery?

Obasanjo in the view of many seems to be acting the saint while trying to cast stones on others., pub-1800157631388084, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

In his letter titled “letter of condolence” and addressed to Ogun State Government, and made available to the journalist, on the death of the former Senator, Buruji Kashamu, who died of COVID 19 at the First Cardiology Hospital, Lagos on Saturday 8th, 2020.

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Mr. Obasanjo although expressed sadness over the demise of the late Lawmaker representing Ogun East Senatorial District, but was quick to remind everyone of late Buruji Kashamu’s alleged offenses and how he repeatedly escaped extraditions.

The letter in the view of many seems a mockery of the dead, especially when he stated that Buruji Kashamu could not escape the cold hands of death after he escaped extraditions on account of alleged crimes. Reminding us of the alleged crimes of the dead amounts to making a mockery of him, especially when he was not convicted; escaping extradition notwithstanding, as he may choose to take that decision for the reason best known to him.

In a world where people still pray to God for the forgiveness of the dead, Obasanjo need not remind us of some of his negative past. After all, we are not infallible and therefore not perfect, Obasanjo inclusive.

The former President admonishing us to learn from the alleged criminality of the deceased is an unnecessary semantics as we can learn from the living who are able to defend themselves from alleged criminality. Although I am not in support of any crime or criminality, in any guise, I think it falls short of our norms as Africans to remind others of the alleged negative past of the dead as it amounts to self-righteousness.

Mr. Obasanjo hardly counters the narrative that he embezzled $16Billion Dollars, being money meant for the national power supply.

In fact, he is often silenced by that, and we all know silence is consensual.

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Mr. Obasanjo should be reminded that the north doesn’t talk of their dead in such a manner. In fact, Abacha’s loots were defended by northerners to a large extent, as it is difficult for them to speak ill of the dead even if he was found guilty as they see it as disrespectful to the dead.

Obasanjo should, therefore, learn from the northerners and allow the dead to rest in peace.

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