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Obinwanne Okeke Sentenced for $11 million fraud

Raj Parekh, Acting U.S Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia says that Obinwanne Okeke engaged in a global business email and computer hacking scheme, through subterfuge and impersonation, he caused a staggering loss of $11 million from his victims., pub-1800157631388084, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

A Nigerian named Obinwanne Okeke sentenced for $11 million fraud after his involvement in a global computerized fraud scheme that caused many of his victims to lose about $11 million.

Obinwanne Okeke Sentenced for $11 million fraud

According to the court documents, Obinwanne Okeke ran a company that is based in Nigeria and other parts under the name Invictus Group.

From 2015 to 2019, Obinwanne and his gang engaged in a computer fraud where they obtained and complied credentials of their victims, many from eastern Virginia.

Okeke and his gang engaged in an email fraud scheme targeting Unatrac Holding Limited, a caterpillar and farm equipment company. Sadly, an executive of this company fell prey to their scheme in April 2018.

With the company login details at hand, Okeke and his gang swindled the company for nearly $11 million. This transfer was made overseas using fraudulent wire requests and fake invoices. Additionally, Okeke was foremost in other forms of fraudulent activities such as Phishing emails, creating fraudulent websites among others.

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Brian Dugan, an S.A in charge of the FBI unit, Norfolk area concludes: ‘ The FBI will not allow cybercriminals free reign in this digital world to prey U.S companies’. He further adds: ‘ This sentencing is proof of the FBI commitment to work with their partners at the Department of Justice and our foreign counterpart to locate cybercriminals and bring them to the United States to be held accountable’

Obinwanne Invictus Okeke and his gang will start their sentence soon with no hope of an appeal.

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