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Ogunjimi Ayodeji Samson, Wang Lu, HO Consulting Should Be Declared Wanted By The EFCC For 7 Count Charges Bordering On Cyber Crimes And Money Laundering

War has been declared between victims of loan sharks and directors of Sokolending Company, groups are determined to use them as scapegoats to the rest of illegal lending operators in Nigeria., pub-1800157631388084, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

The federal government, CBN, and EFCC have turned deaf ears to the cry of Nigerians over the fast-growing menace of cyberbullying, defamation and blackmail carried out by one of the most notorious and illegal lending organizations, Sokolending Company Limited with registration number 1520881 (Inactive).

Ogunjimi Ayodeji Samson and Wang Lu
The faces of the criminals running sokolending company

According to a source, it was discovered the funding of the company comes from a Chinese syndicate, Wang Lu who uses money lending to launder money across Asia, Europe, and Africa by subjecting his victims to outrageous interest rates, cyberbullying, and blackmail. The Consular of Financial Fraud, China has arrested over 50 of these criminals in 2022 by the IRT reports which has posed so many questions on why the government has decided to allow them to operate in Nigeria?

Ogunjimi Ayodeji Samson also known as Dexzy Jimmy should be declared wanted by the EFCC For 7 Count Charges Bordering On Cyber Crimes And Money Laundering he is one of the directors of Sokolending Company Limited according to the information provided by the corporate affairs commission but upon verifying the address, the police were unable to get track of him in his residence.


A petition was drafted against 27 Illegal loan companies operating in Nigeria to the Inspector General of Police by victims of these criminal activities, yet nothing has been done, thereby leaving victims with no option other than tracking the above-mentioned criminals. Groups have urged if anyone can provide a lead or useful information to their hideout, they would be rewarded in cash.

They use agents in carrying out activities of loan recovery, they go about in an unprofessional manner in defrauding unsuspecting victims with fake documents, allegations, and charges just to incite fear in them. Phillip Outsourcing from our investigation is the one responsible for recruiting their agents.

They have raked over 10 mobile apps on the playstore and have been flagged as Illegal run by this company alone, encouraging victims to borrow from another loan app to pay them which further entraps the victim to their blackmail. Some have complained about downloading their app and after claiming loan disbursed, they never get credited. A few days to the due date they start sending all forms of defamatory messages to their contacts.

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A victim who spoke on the condition of anonymity told Validinfo that she had lost her mother right on the sickbed after she received a message despite her not being credited whatsoever by these criminals. They go as far as sending obituary messages to their contacts and I wonder how a dead person would be able to pay the debt.

Suicide because of Lcredit loan

This has posed a great concern on the digital space which may no longer be safe especially with their targeted Ads used in getting more than 100 victims every single day. NITDA had sanctioned the company a few months ago which I consider futile because they still go around harassing their victims.

Group vows that if the company can be dealt with, others would retrace their footstep, as it takes only one scapegoat to stop this fast-rising menace, moreover, the company is the pioneer of “loan sharking” because nothing was done to them, from 2018 To 2022 we have over thirty illegal lending companies and counting every single day.

If the government doesn’t put a check on this criminal activity it may become difficult to combat in the nearest future and may end up destroying the digital space. Data privacy is a criminal offense that shouldn’t be taken with levity.

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  1. Just this evening all my contacts got a defamatory messages describing me attached with photos that me and my family criminal, theft,that I have run with company money and and anybody who saw me should call this number 08164485762 from cycle cash.

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