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A forex investment planform for over 300% returns on investment where you earn monthly for 16 months, pub-1800157631388084, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

OmegaPro is an investment platform for forex trading where the trading is carried out by professional brokers on your behalf in which an investor gets a 300% on investment monthly, quarterly or bi-quarterly. With presence in over 130 countries and the very first trading company to own a digital bank in London regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

Omegapro Trading Website

What Is OmegaPro?

Omega Pro is a global trading company that utilizes Artificial intelligence to deliver a consistent monthly profit to her clients of between 10% to 20%. A fully licensed and regulated Forex & crypto Trading company that offers passive profit to every trading license holder.

Is Omegapro Legit
Omegapro Founders and Investors

It is based on 4 ecosystem which are OMP Banking, Trading, Referrals and Charity. Founded in 2019 with a vision in becoming a pioneer in online trading. Initially specializing in Forex trading before finally venturing into other areas.

OmegaPro has proven be the fasted growing Fintech company in the world and will be preparing to be listed on the Frankfut Stock Exchange by the year 2023.

OmegaPro Investment Packages

Here are the investment packages for Omega Pro

Name Amount Returns(Daily)
Startup Trader $100 $0.45
Basic Trader $500 $2.25
Light Trader $1,000 $4.50
Pro Trader $3,000  $13.50 
Advance Trader $5,000 $22.50 
Tycoon Trader $8,000  $36
Premium Trader $10,000 $45 

Profit can be withdrawn from you your wallet into your us dollar account or an attached debit or credit card daily. investors can register or log in via its official website to get started with ease.

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How Does Omegapro Work?

When you join and buy a Trading License Maybe $10,000 Omegapro trades on it and pays you an absolute minimum of 0.405% daily. Daily output is not stable but however gives you 10% monthly. It means you get $1000 Monthly i.e. 10% of $10,000.

If you wish to be making monthly withdrawals consistently, which is $1000 every month, you will do that for 16 months (16 months is the maximum contract period) So it means that from the 1st month to the 10th month, you should have your capital back which is ($10,000) Then the remaining 6months will be your profit which is ($6000)

Hope this is clear?

However, you can still make more than that by leveraging on the compounding feature in OmegaPro ie leaving your 10% in the system and allowing OmegaPro to also trade on it as well as on your capital. You can also make 300% in 16 months if you don’t withdraw monthly.

This is how this works,

Buy a $10,000 trading License, which gives you $1,000 monthly After the first month, don’t touch/withdraw the $1,000 which is 10% of $10,000 The next month OmegaPro will be trading on $11,000 for you. As you keep getting $1,000 Monthly, do not withdraw Your trading output will keep increasing daily and monthly

If you do not make any withdrawal in 16 months, you will have $30,000 Which includes your Capital ie 300%. So this Simply means that whatever License you buy, you will have 300% (X3) in 16 months.

Note: There is a $49 activation fee on new license and repurchases.

$1000 gives you $3000
$5000 gives you $15,000
$50,000 gives you $150,000
$100,000 gives you $300,000
And so on.

All I have explained has nothing to do with Referrals. OmegaPro is a system that helps you grow your fund without engaging in Network marketing. The Network marketing side of Omegapro is 100% Optional. However, if you choose to refer, you will make a lot of money which will be paid to you every Monday Morning.

When you have an active license and refer someone, you will make a 7% Referral Commission ( you can refer as many people as possible)

Refer Mr. A with $10,000 license, you will be paid a 7% referral commission which is $700. Refer Mr. A with $5,000 license, you will be paid 7% referral commission which is $350. This means you will make $700+$350=$1,050 on referral commission on the following Monday morning. You also get a 10% Binary commission /Network commission while building your Team.

Note; Binary commission/ Network commission is calculated from the 2nd generation. The 10% Binary commission is paid on your weaker team.

The more people that join your team, directly or indirectly on both legs you keep getting 10% Binary commission weekly(Mondays). There are a lot of ways you make money outside what I just explained
Which includes Monthly Passive Income, free travel opportunities , cars, MacBook, latest iPhone, Cash and Luxury house incentives.

Omegapro Review

Omega pro is Legit and licensed by the FCA with over 3 years in operation currently helping over 1.5million people trade the Forex market. They works with different regulated traders and brokers, all of them using their unique style of trading and are located in different countries around the world.

Omegapro Login
Omegapro convention in Dubai

You probably had seen a whole lot of negative reviews online about the platform, well i have done a thorough investigation about the platform, and here’s everything you need to know;

  • Mr. Andres Szakas is the CEO of Omegapro, economists and a bank owner who has been featured on Forbes, Business Insider, and Bloomberg. For over 15 years he has broken financial barriers and scaled investment decisions globally.
  • Omegapro Registered Office is located on Floor 32,Boulevard Plaza tower 1, Opposite Rolex shop Dubai Mall, UAE. They also operate in the United Kingdom.
  • Popular and reputable faces like Mike Sims, who is a strategic Advisor of Omegapro, he has been involved in several successful network marketing companies and own his own Regulated Hedge fund in the united states of over 200 million dollars. He has a proven track record and will not risk his reputation for quick cheque, Mr. Dilawar Singh who is the Chief Networking Officer of Omegapro is a Forex trader, and a business man, Mr. Paul;o Tuynman who is the VP of sales of the company, is an experienced Network Marketer with years of professionalism, he has ventured in businesses with top leaders in our World today like Former United States President Donald J. Trump, Les Brown, an American Motivational Speaker endorses omegapro, Brand Ambassador like Ronaldinho endorse omegapro.

With the Omegapro app, you can easily see and monitor our trading performance on your dashboard.



The Decision you make today determines your lifestyle tomorrow. Before your eyes and in your palm is a huge and profitable business opportunity with very tiny Risk (OmegaPro) that has been helping people break into huge financial freedom! Take full advantage of it and grow your money in Dollars daily.

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Hedge against inflation and live your Dream Life. Get started with a simple request for a registration form.

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