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Omoyele Sowore Net Worth, Biography & Facts

Omoyele Sowore is nigerian activist, politician and reporter who founded one of africa's major news/media organisation, Sahara Reporters., pub-1800157631388084, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Omoyele Sowore Net Worth, Biography & Controversies is one major information most Nigerians are inquisitive about, I guess that why you’re here. Omoyele Sowore is a Nigerian journalist, politician, and activist who founded Nigeria online media Sahara Reporter.

Omoyele Sowore Net Worth

He has been in activism for over several years and known as a controversial politician. We would be looking at Omoyele Sowore Net Worth, his biography, background, and lots more.


Omoyele Sowore biography can be traced to when he was born on the 15th of March 1976 by Mr. and Mrs. Olofin Sowore, with about 16 siblings. His father was a polygamist with over 4 wives making him the first son of the third wife Adebisi Sowore. He started his opinion and political criticism in 1987 since the military rule, his criticism in the ruling government was aired and published on media, which predicted what he wanted to do has a major career.

In 1998, he was attacked by a group of cultists and later flown to the United States for further treatment. In his continued efforts to active journalism, well if you have always wondered who is the owner of Sahara reporters, he founded Sahara Reporter in 2006, where he and his colleagues started online journalism.

It broke into the limelight after the photo publication of one of Nigeria’s major terrorist Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab making them the first online news publication to release such information. Sahara Reporters has published over 10,000 articles since then.

Sowore started citizen journalism in the united state as a result to avoid political involvement and disruption in quality journalism, he is confirmed to have news source even from an external journalist working in several media Houses across Nigeria.


Omoyele Sowore attended the baptist memorial college in Lagos after which he got admission into the University of Lagos in 1991 to study geography and urban planning, thereafter proceeded to Columbia University to study public administration. He is a visiting lecturer in history at the city university in New York.

The journey

Omoyele Sowore started activism right from the University of Lagos which brought about the student union in the prestigious university. He spent most of his youthful days fighting cultism in several universities across the country, he posed as a major threat to one of the major cult syndicate “black ax” after which he was tortured and molested by their members in 1994.

Omoyele Sowore has been a threat to the Nigerian government and politicians over the corruption scandal after using his platform to make it available to the public and the world at large. His platform is supported by NGOs so as to remain independent and trustworthy.


Omoyele Sowore has been involved in various controversies starting from his appointment into the student union government (SUG) reports allegedly proved that the activist was a cultist before he was appointed as a SUG which he used as an advantage over other cult groups, which eventually led to his attack from his oppressors.

Notwithstanding he was alleged of collecting millions of naira from several politicians across the country purposely for using his medium Sahara Reporters to tackle and ridicule opposing parties. It was also revealed, his platform was used during the 2015 general elections of Muhammad Buhari against sitting candidate Goodluck Jonathan. According to a source, Buhari was supposed to give Sowore an appointment into his cabinet but things turned the other way.

Revolution Now Movement

When we are talking about Omoyele Sowore arrest and release, his movement cannot be excluded which has led to his arrest by the Buhari-led administration. The movement is focused basically to end bad governance, corruption, and several political malignant characters of leaders across the country.

This particular movement was kick-started in 2016 and trended with the #revolutionnow on the major social platform which became a threat to the Buhari administration after allegedly accused of cyberstalking the president. He was arrested in his private home residence by the State Security Service (SSS) and charged to court, despite bail he was still remanded by the DSS accused of treasonable felony.

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Omoyele Sowore Net Worth

Omoyele Sowore is a wealthy man who has worked for a cause in journalism amongst teaching and other portfolios managed by him. Omoyele Sowore Net Worth and assets ranging from digital to physical assets are estimated at $15 million based on the webometric ranking of the wealthiest journalist in Nigeria.

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