Post-Covid-19 Era: A Time To Rebuild The Broken Walls

The best of systems have failed, including the health care system, giant economies, and businesses, as the death toll continues to rise beyond what we could ever imagine, counting millions

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The post-Covid-19 era creeping into our society as a result of the deadly disease, coronavirus has led to the disruption of global activities. The impact of the pandemic has awakened the world to the realization of how unprepared we are for the unexpected.

Post Covid-19 Era

The pandemic seems to be a wake-up call, making us aware that our best is not good enough. It appears there is no end in sight as the virus has updated itself with the new covid variant making it hard to imagine a positive outcome after this terrible pandemic.

The question at the moment is what does the future hold for the post-covid 19 eras? The damages recorded with the pandemic seems to challenge every hope of recovery. What next or is there anything left at all? Inflation is at an all-time high coupled with a global economic fall. Is there any strength left to rebuild the broken walls?

Ivan Krastev stated that the covid-19 is the third major post-cold war shock to hit the global order, after 9/11 and the 2008 financial crisis.

With the global economy experiencing its worst recession since World War II, economic activity, travel, supply chains and so much more have been halted to curb the yet prevailing pandemic.

The covid-19 vaccine breakthrough has been well celebrated. Although one can hardly tell how long it will take for the vaccination to reach every town, city, and country around the globe.

Other chronic diseases have been overlooked as the world seeks an end to the pandemic that has trailed us for over a year now. Estimates have not been given to the many others who have lost their lives to different life-threatening diseases that have been ignored.

Another lingering question is, is there a possibility of going back to the normal way of living before the outbreak of the deadly disease?

“The coronavirus is not just a temporary crisis, it’s a permanent disruptor,” says Haim Israel, Head of Thematic Investing at BofA Global Research. “It’s one of those rare events in history that will completely reshape geopolitics, societies, and markets.”

Globalism which over the years has been seen as a major milestone is under pressure. Nations have embraced restrictions as the major means for safety. The new trend is deglobalization as counties seek to achieve self-sufficiency.

Despite the whole unpleasant activities that befall us, the virus has served as an eye-opener. Countries have begun reshaping their health system with the newfound realization that the sector is not as good as they had imagined.

Technology has advanced even beyond expectations. BofA Global Research, Israel revealed that groundbreaking technology research and development will be coronavirus’s legacy of innovation. BofA also stated that the virus had sped up trends that were already underway, but might have taken five years or more to unfold without the pandemic.

The educational system is being reshaped to withstand uncertain outcomes. Former President Trump had earlier stated that universities would center more on research and development. This is to help improve innovations and advancements. The virus has also increased a sense of community in several societies.

A lot of countries are rising to the new call. Nigeria should not and must not be excluded from the global renovation and reconstruction. The country needs it now more than ever. The Covid-19 has revealed the retarded state of the country. Nigeria could not boast of one covid vaccine breakthrough, just a few health centers could manage the covid patients, hence the poor health system.

Educational activities have been unstable due to the lacking or poor online platforms. We still make use of outdated technology, the NIN registration is an activity that can strictly be done online, but we seem to cherish the gathering of thousands. Child delivery is still considered a major challenge in the 21st century.

This is the obvious time for change and policy reforms. Life is characterized by uncertain events. Hence the need to be prepared ahead of time for the unexpected.

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Ivan Krastev stated that epidemics “reset our world in a similar way to wars and revolutions”.

‘As we move toward the rebuilding stage of COVID-19, let’s ignore the instinct to go back to the way things were’, Weforum stated. ‘Response, recovery and rebuilding are the three post-catastrophe stages.’

Every country that takes advantage of the pandemic would emerge better and stronger. With the voids and loopholes exposed, Nigeria has become aware of the areas that need to be improved.

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This is the time to embrace unity as we seek to rebuild the broken walls to create a lasting structure that will stand the test of time. Important lessons must be learned from COVID-19 to prepare us for what comes next.

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