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Regina Daniels Net Worth Biography and Facts

Regina daniel is a nigerian actress and producer who started her career since 16 years., pub-1800157631388084, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Nigeria Nollywood is one industry where talents are groomed irrespective of age or statue, one of the youngest and successful actress, Regina Daniels is of no doubt a living example of whats celebrity feels like at a very young age, well there is a handful of information like Regina Daniels net worth, biography and of course facts you really need to know about her.

Regina Daniels

Regina Daniel is an actress and movie producer who has appeared in over 500 movies since she started her career and she has won the heart of so many young aspiring actresses. She started her career so early and it has brought her into the fame she embraces today.


Regina Daniels biography started on the 10th of October 2000 in a small town in Lagos where she grew up till her early teen among 5 siblings in a small town in Asaba, Delta state. She was raised and groomed by her mother Rita Daniels after separating from her husband in 2003. Her mother who was also an actress introduced Regina to acting at the age of 10, she was told to act in a particular scene due to the absence of the actress who was supposed to play the part of a sorrowful daughter, surprisingly Regina Daniels played the part above expectation.

She started having an interest in acting since she was young. She always admired her mother while she was acting in various movies. After she appeared in her second movie titled Miracle Child she had gotten the attention of so many young children, they wanted to be like her.


Regina Daniels started her elementary school in Asaba Anglican Girls College before she was later admitted into Hollywood International School, where she completed her secondary education. In 2016 Regina Daniel furthered her education by pursuing a career in mass communication.

The Journey

Regina has been featured in over 700 Nollywood movies since her first 2 movies she was featured in. According to an interview with the punch, she revealed making N10,000 each. She had always had an interest in acting and had always gotten her mother’s support since she was 7 years old.

A lot of attention was drawn towards her based on the fact she was so young and possessed such talents at a very young age. Producers started getting in touch with her mother to play one or two roles in several movies although it wasn’t revealed how much her mum charged, it was rumored she collects over N200,000 for her daughter to be featured per movies.

Currently, Regina Daniel charges over N600,000 per movie she features in. She is now a movie producer who has produced several movies in the industry. In February 2020 she also launched her own magazine at the trans corp Hilton Hotel, Abuja.


Regina Daniels husband is Ned Nwoko after officially getting married in 2019.


Regina Daniels awards range in various categories among nominations for the best upcoming, promising, and supporting actress of the year from 2016-2018 by The City People Movie Award.


Controversies surrounding this actress have seemed unending since she got married to Ned Nwoko, a 60-year-old businessman, Lawyer, and politician. She was hated by many the moment she was taken as the 6th wife of a man old enough to give birth to her, reports confirm Ned Nwoko has been sponsoring her since she was a little girl, and her mother made it known to her she was going to marry him.

It was alleged the actress was involved in fraudulent activities sometime in 2017 but she denied such allegations and the culprit was later arrested. Speculations also claimed she married him because of money in short Regina Daniels net worth increased significantly after marrying the billionaire.

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Regina Daniels Net Worth

Regina Daniels net worth is estimated to be valued at about $315,326 (N600 million) ranging from exotic automobiles to landed properties.

Regina Daniels Net Worth

Frequently asked questions about Regina Daniels

How old is Regina Daniels?

Regina Daniels was born on the 10th of October 2000 and she is 20 years old.

Who is Regina Daniels Siblings?

Regina Daniels siblings are  Ifeoma DanielsDestiny DanielsSamuel DanielsEmmanuel DanielsLawrence Daniels.

Who is Regina Daniels married to?

Regina Daniel is currently married to Ned Nwoko.

Nadia Buari and Regina Daniels who is more beautiful?

Nadia Buari is more beautiful than Regina Daniels.

Does Ned Nwoko have children before marrying Regina Daniels?

Ned Nwoko had 5 children before getting married to Regina Daniels.

Is there anything like a Regina Daniels youth empowerment program given 200000 naira to people especially?

There’s no such program run by the actress.

How old is Regina’s husband?

Regina Daniels husband, Ned Nwoko is 60 years old.

How did Regina Daniels get her wealth?

She got her wealth from movies and endorsements.

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