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Semilore Coker – I have made over N1m from Photography as an undergraduate

Nigerian fast rising photographer and cinematographer Shemilorecoker sheds more light on the journey so far and what inspires his creativity.

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Nigeria is known for its creative encompassing of youths, which has made so many today stand out from their field. Photography is one major creative industry filled with talents and inspiration has since been one major profession taking over the creative industry. Semilore Coker narrates his journey so far in the field in an exclusive interview with Adelaja Odufisan.


Tell us a little about your background?

Well, my background has always been what it is, I grew up right here in the city of Lagos, as the firstborn of 4 I’ve always been always inspired to stand out and dream big. I also have a twin brother who is almost in the same field, I was raised by an educationist attending my elementary school is now one foremost schools in Lagos Joesam School before proceeding for my secondary education in Ogun State.

I had developed the art of creativity right from secondary school because I loved fine arts back then and ever since then, creativity has always been my passion. I love networking, listening to gospel music, and playing musical instruments.

Why did you choose or what inspired you into photography?

On gaining admission into the university, I developed a love for cameras generally, I just love exploring with them, and I eventually bought my first camera in 2016. I decided to go further by watching youtube tutorials on how to utilize the camera which further inspired me into the photography world.

Do you have anyone who inspired You?

Yes of course, in fact, a lot but I have always looked up to prince mason, that dude just keeps giving me every reason to explore and acquire more knowledge in the field.

So how do you balance your education with photography?

I’m a student at Bowen University, and the school has always provided an environment for entrepreneurship. I feel everything still balls down to time management, how you are able to manage your time, and what you use your free time for. Instead of playing football or hanging out with ladies, I use my free time watching and practicing the art of retouching, which is one core area of photography.

Is there money in photography as people claim?

Lol, there is actually money in the field of photography, in short, I have made over N1m from Photography as an undergraduate. That same amount is what some photographers collect in just 1 event but I have always advised people not to go into photography because of money, passion is the only driving force that can keep you in the industry.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years in this field?

Funny enough I see myself as an instructor, an inspiration, and a leader. Even at this point I still haven’t gotten to where I’m going but a lot of people are looking up to me.

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What would you tell aspiring photographers?

I would encourage them to remain focused and keep pushing hard until their dream is achieved and having encouraging parents goes a long way even if you get discouraged, have the picture in your head.

Pamilerin Coker

Pamilerin Coker is known for recreating digital experiences, making them more efficient in the area of human retention.

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