Structures and Nigerian History

History and the people are two sides that cannot be overemphasized in society. The juxtaposing of the Nigerian society is one that further explains its structure and how it has affected the lives and running of the society.

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Structures and Nigerian History can be very important in the day-to-day activities of that society. The Nigerian structure is as important as its history because it tells more about our origin and background.

Structures and Nigerian History
The Nigerian Flag

The structure of any society is as important as its history. This is because structures are the fundamental background of any society. The structure in Nigerian society is one that has not been fully structured. These structures are the religious structure, family structure, political structure, and economical structure.

Many would say the structure of the society is as old as its history, its religion, and some cultures and traditions that might be regarded as archaic but still as a way of affecting the society to depict how old they can be. The structures in Nigerian are as old as their history and still as strong as ever before.

Understanding the society is understanding the root of Nigeria, many are saying Nigeria might break but the problem isn’t why is Nigeria not splitting but that the structure in the Nigerian society is interwoven and cannot be divided.

The family as a structure: Yes, the structure of any Nigerian family is deep. The bloodline is something sacred and the ability to break this might be regarded as a problem. Families are created and recreated in society. We all believe that as Nigerians we are connected to someone somewhere even in the face of diversity.

This is quite important. A typical Nigerian family can have a collection of the three religions practiced in their society in one and still live in peace and harmony. This is the Nigerian family. However, as times are changing the family is also changing with a deep belief in its history.

Very deeply is how religion has affected everything in society. The act of religion is birthed from the family. A typical Nigerian family is one that holds its religion high no matter what it is. Our religion is our pride and our way of life. You cannot take away religion from society.

With the way the Nigerian religion is structured it will be quite difficult for a division. The founding fathers grounded its structure in religion very deeply. The Muslims pray through one God in unity and are united in faith.

The Christian pray to one God through three ways and the traditional worshippers pray to one God through more than 100 smaller gods scatter throughout all the ethnic tribes in the society. Different religions, different practices but have a connection to another.

One important that is very important in society is the economic classes. The structure of classes is a very interesting topic. The elites are the rulers of any society; these elite are usually from the northern part of the society. They rule the society, call the shot, and have been ruling for as long as history itself.

They are structured in the high and important places in every structure of the society. The learned, this group is the brains behind everything in the society, they might not be in the limelight but they are the brains behind some of the decisions taken by the elites. They have read and have the best education in society.

This group is the westerners. They originate from the western part of society. Businesses are quite important because they help run the day-to-day activities of any society. The economic class whose job is to understand the societal business and run it day in day out is the class from the eastern part of the society.

They are business mogul they understand the business of the society and have a way of maneuvering it to their style. These are the business runner of society. One structure that has been left out is the fillers. They are spread to hold the three parts of the society. Calling them the holder of the society is what it is because they have the resources’ to keep this society together.

This economic class originates from the southern part of society. Nigeria is as balanced as it can be.
The political structure is a vital part of the society; it overrides every other structure in the society. The political structure is quite an interesting one because in Nigeria the real political moguls are faceless.

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Decisions are made although questionable nothing can be done about it. This structure is too deep that spread across the various part of the society. Politics is something that has eaten deep on every part of society from religion, family, and economic structure. The structure of politics is also as deep as its history and might be difficult to rebuild because the society is founded and rooted in its politics.

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