Technology Development In General industrial Activities

This bombshell foremost dropped on the farming hobbies in the economy as local farmers and traders mainly hoped in small scale farming with the use of amateur equipment which can not boost a sustainable harvest and until the manpower is being wasted and stressed for no reason.

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Technology Development In General industrial Activities with the word ‘ modern technology’ has ever been regarded as the most tangible element in the African and in particular our nation where whole professions still depend on the local mechanisms in general industrial activities coming from every sector of the economy up till this age of community civilization.

Technology Development In General industrial Activities

We mainly relied on cultivating with just hoes and Cutlasses but until those farmers realized technology with the use of modernized tractors and plows had done the job of 5 days in 3 hours which systematically can increase the level of productivity to seal unlimited like it can be discovered in developed Western countries of Europe and American, Japan, Canada, China and Australia of both these superpowers. That’s what we called mechanized farming, all the agricultural production from basic to the final level is marked with technology and there is no going back or shortage on any agricultural produce because of hazard analysis to the critical control point.

They’ve mostly graduated agriculturists from the higher institution employed to this job and those that were specifically ensured farm training for it in the Western advanced countries. They get recruited graduates in the normal season to come and exercises their practical skills in the labor market.

That is why this ideal created mass employment and no stressful job condition for the farmworkers and including the backpackers because of modern technology that have eased the hardship and bore job. It’s just only the robot as what you see in other establishment operations. If the farm tractors and plow can travel city miles on cultivation you must purport what technology is talking about in this thorough explanation before landing on our lack of development here in mostly African soils on the poor level of agriculture that didn’t give any room to trigger our premature production of agricultural products by our small scale farming dependency.

This contributed to this part of hunger and malnutrition tagged together with the poor standard of living on a low level of income because there would be no enough productivity in other to sustain the financial resources need of all the big populations. The mechanic industry is not supported by the government except the one chosen by local traders alongside the avenues, technology, and essential education are still practically lack in their mechanical standard even though they knew the job.

The reason African government didn’t support mechanical engineering in their nations has contributed a lot of arche by people demanding for the imported vehicles from the advanced countries of the world because we could not produce a vehicle talkless of the car assembly in other to build up a variety of motor parts and make it a new brand car. There’s nothing stopping us to make a Bentley and Cherokee Jeep in the African territories, but the lack of passion for technology by the government aid support broaden the base.

That’s why development is a loophole and remain dormant. Mechanics are only working on vehicle repairs and maintenance, but there’s no big plant for any technical training that can still be advance more than that of local mechanics by producing a motor for the public.

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African obstacles are the bad governance as the leadership misused and never recognized the uprising talented young ones as especially the University graduate who are in need of  government mechanical and farming industries in other to come and perform their best of practical training after leaving the institution for their theoretical education is not really account for, but to be the best they want as a practicing engineer it is the needful for the economic advancement because the creation of mechanical plants for vehicle production and technological farming will surely limit  unemployment rate and allow a room for practical training for job creation in the University graduates while the need for technology stands the best development in general industrial circle

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