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The currency of 24 hours!

A great poet once said during the early phase of the pandemic era ‘some will escape health and fall victim of the virus, some will escape the virus but not home violence and for those that find an escape from this, something certainly is hanging around for them’., pub-1800157631388084, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

This is probably is the fate of most Nigerian children who lurks around realities beyond their control. To some, school is only but a faint dream and for those who make it to school, the four can become six without their fault.
Time, with many definitions yet none, can truly say what time is, defined by elements such as (seasons, climates, months, weeks, days, or even hours).

We all have the same 24hours they say but is that not a false truth? Time is a strong entity with a constant unit (seconds) but with undefined currency. Time has a value that can be determined by the circumstances around it. For two men who worked the same capacity and same time frame and got the same pay, their location can determine who really have needs for 24 hours and who needs more. $10 per hour is not the same as #10 per hour.

Every good goal they say must be ‘SMART’ with the T meaning timely. A goal that reads “I’ll be done with my undergraduate studies before my 21st birthday” is timely but is it achievable? Maybe yes, maybe no; not only time will tell, location too will.

Done with primary school education by 9, secondary school by 16 then university by 21 seems fine only to get stuck for 1 year with NUT (National Union of Teachers) or as much as 2 years with its elder brother at doing thunder’s job (striking), ASUU (Academic Staff Union Of Universities).

To some, this doesn’t matter as they have the available currency to keep to time either by finding their way to privately owned institutions or countries where the value of time is in the best currency.

We all might be given the same 24 hours in a day but what are the things we can achieve with the set time without getting worn out? To a location with a higher currency of time, an automated water delivery system subscribed to might come in handy when setting up an enterprise that has a great need for water, as against having to get a borehole/well, get a pumping machine, purchase a water reservoir, get a generator set, fuel it, treat the pumped water before making use of it. Unfortunately, systems with a high currency of time spend lesser money while trying to fulfill a course than the other way round.

The list will go on and on sparking up anger and dissatisfaction but the aim is not to just get you pumped up but help add value to the 24hours you have. The pressure of having to catch up with time have sent many on a journey of no return, the verbal pressure that mounts on a youth of 21 who isn’t making financial contributions have led many into trying to cheat time and this of course doesn’t end well.

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Time can’t be cheated as it has its own currency. However, time can be well used by knowing the currency of time in your location by listing all the limiting factors to the T part of your goal. Make good use of your time by learning skills anytime time pauses on your goals so as to have an edge at the end. Stop pushing people by popping questions they don’t have control over such as (look at your mate). ‘Before you can compare fairly between two entities, you need to give them fair and equal treatment’ here is a wise saying to help you apply caution.

Oladipo Jesutoba

Media content creation using moving pictures and sounds, graphics, scripting of ads and commercials. Video editing and content writing including poetry. Having poems featuring in major competitions and high ranked magazines.

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