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Tik Tok Set To Launch Fact-Checking To Combat Misinformation

This new feature will first launch in the U.S. and Canada but will become globally available in the week to come. Tiktok furthermore explains that fact-checkers aren’t always able to verify the information being reported in users’ videos because the authenticity of the information may not be immediately confirmed, such as in the case of the recent storming of the U.S., pub-1800157631388084, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Recently Tik Tok Set To Launch Fact-Checking To Combat Misinformation on the announcement of a new feature that primarily focuses on fighting the spread of misleading videos and news on its platform, there will also be removing of videos that are identified to be spreading false information as verified by newly feature created, they also said there will be flagging off the video where fact checks are inconclusive.

Tik Tok Set To Launch Fact-Checking To Combat Misinformation

Capitol that led to an outpour of users on the social media app, only some of which were able to be quickly and accurately fact-checked. Tiktok now partners with fact-checkers to help the company determine which videos are sharing misinformation.

In the U.S., its partners include PolitiFact, Lead Stories, and SciVerify which work mainly to assess the accuracy of content in areas related to civic processes, like elections, as well as health, climate, and more.

Internationally, TikTok works with Agence France-Presse (AFP), Estadão Verifica, Lead Stories, Animal Político, Logically, Neutral, Pagella Politica, PolitiFact, and Telit.

TikTok internal investigation and moderation team works to first verify misinformation using readily available information, like existing public fact checks and if it can’t do so, it will send the video to a fact-checking partner. When those listed partners figure out those content are false, contains misinformation, or anything else that violates Tik Tok’s misinformation policy, it is then simply removed.

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Any users that come across one of these flagged videos will see a banner that says the content has been reviewed but can’t be conclusively validated. More like the COVID-19 banner but this new banner is more prominently overlaid across the video at the top of the screen, if any user then tries to share that flagged video they will receive a prompt that reminds them of the video has been flagged as unverified content. Then they will need to choose whether to click the brightly colored “Cancel” button or the unhighlighted choice, “Share anyway.”

This new system created by TikTok move to tackle the viral spread of unverified content, and that doesn’t mean users won’t see the videos. If someone follows the account, they could still see the flagged video in their Following feed or by visiting the account profile directly. TikTok believes the new system will encourage users to be mindful about what they share.

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It could also potentially deter people from making vague but incendiary claims meant to draw viewers and attention because these videos could be brought down to the point that they may not ever reach the “For You” page.

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