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Top 5 Catering Companies in Nigeria

Are you looking for caterers to cater for your events? Here are the best caterers in Nigeria, pub-1800157631388084, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Catering has become one of Nigeria’s largest professions to transit into formal services, making them a good spot for event needs. Catering companies in Nigeria range from the professional level to the un-professional level otherwise known as the Buka level.

Catering Companies in Nigeria

One core attribute of catering is reliability, No one wants to hire an individual/organization who would disappoint the client and even the guest as a whole, that’s why reliable caterers in Nigeria are not easy to come by. Let’s dive in

Top 5 Professional and Reliable Catering Companies in Nigeria

Here’s the complete list of top professional catering companies in Nigeria;

1. Havgate Event Catering

Havgate event catering remains the best catering company in Nigeria.

catering in Nigeria

The most reliable and professional services are guaranteed for your events.

2. Preficent Event Catering

Preficent event catering is the second trusted catering service you can get in Nigeria

best caterers inNigeria

With state-of-the-art mobile kitchen equipment, you get great returns on your money.

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3. Codera Event Catering

One of Nigeria’s most popular caterers, Mrs. Codera Afuya runs this catering company.

Nigeria Caterers

She started as an individual chef in 2006 before it grew to over 4 separate branches across Nigeria and Ghana.

Pamilerin Coker

Pamilerin Coker is known for recreating digital experiences, making them more efficient in the area of human retention.

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