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Top 5 Delivery Companies in Nigeria

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So many Nigerians are often confused about the most reliable delivery companies or agencies to use for delivering items both in Nigeria and abroad with over 700 active delivery agents and courier services currently in Nigeria. So I have done market research, surveys, and customer reviews to list the top 5 delivery companies in Nigeria.

Top Delivery Companies in Nigeria

Various factor which includes mode of operations, cost, reliability, customer reviews and the overall service rendered by these companies would be analyzed one after the other.

Top 5 Delivery Companies In Nigeria

Here are the complete list of delivery companies in Nigeria

1. Havgate Logistics

Havgate Logistics is an independent delivery and transport solution company based in Nigeria and United States with a broad span network of cargo mobility via intelligent conveyance tracking system that provided real time solutions to clients across the globe.


The company which is a subsidiary of Havgate Limited/LLC has proven no far doubt the fastest and most innovative logistic solutions in Africa. With over 4.5 in clients rating and positive feedback across various platforms, it has paved it way to the best delivery company in Nigeria.

2. GIG Logistics

GIG Logistics is one of Nigeria’s popular delivery agency based in al 38 states of the federation majorly on interstate transport solutions. The courier company which started in 2012 is a subsidiary of GIG Group  an intelligence and technology management company based in Nigeria.

GIG Logistics

E-Commerce has been their major focus since inception, providing logistic solutions to business owners through technology and innovation.

Pamilerin Coker

Pamilerin Coker is known for recreating digital experiences, making them more efficient in the area of human retention.

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