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Top 5 Investment Apps In Nigeria

Investment in today's century is not only for the rich but a necessity., pub-1800157631388084, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Investment has become the lifestyle of many people today, choosing the right platform for your money determines the overall performance of your returns. There are over 7000 investment apps on the mobile app market, so I would highlight the top 5 investment apps in Nigeria to invest your money.

top 5 investment apps in Nigeria

Depending on returns, customer support, ease of signing up, and overall reviews we have drawn up our facts and figures with the best experience and information available at this time of writing this article.

Top 5 Investment Apps in Nigeria

Here is the complete list of the top investment apps to make money in Nigeria;

1. Crowdyvest

Crowdyvest is one of Nigeria’s leading apps in Investment and Savings. With various saving plans like the vault saving plan, you get 15% returns over a certain period.

Top investment app in Nigeria

A cooperative funding app that helps individuals and organizations get returns on various investment plans making it the top most downloaded app in terms of investment choices. An account can be created with a single click that allows linking to your google account.

2. Kuda

Kuda is the fastest-growing microfinance bank in Nigeria with over 40,000 active users on its platform. The fintech firm has been able to boast of over $1.2 million in capital investments making them among the apps to consider when choosing a platform to invest your money.

Investment platforms in Nigeria

They are regulated by the NDIC making your investment secured with them. With their fixed saving plan, you get 10-15% interest per annum. You get 25 free banking transactions every month and an overdraft.

3. Piggyvest

Piggyvest is a foremost saving platform primarily designed to encourage individuals to save by providing flexible and fixed saving plans with returns of 13% per annum.

Investment app

It’s one of Nigeria’s leading investment platforms with high rates on investment in agriculture, allowing users to select from various investment subsidiaries.

4. Opay

Opay has become the alternative to so many businesses in Nigeria in receiving and sending money because of the vast payment methods used by this app. Opportunities for investment in this app have helped so many business owners invest instead of keeping them in their e-wallet.

Apps for investment

Investment on Opay is 7-12% depending on your investment plan and time frame which has made them one of the top investment apps in Nigeria.

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5. Cowrywise

Cowrywise is also one popular platform we can’t exclude from the list of investment choices for Nigerians with affordable investment plans targeted at students and employers.

Investment app to download

Interest on investment ranges from 6-9% depending on the time frame set by the user. Its also another saving platform for individuals

In conclusion, going for what works for you and your pocket is paramount to having a successful investment plan. Drop a comment below if you successfully downloaded one and the feedback while using it. Cheers!

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