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Top 5 Largest Auditorium in Nigeria

Nigerian Churches love their buildings and place of worship huge and it is no surprise that Nigeria boasts of the top five largest church auditoriums in the world today., pub-1800157631388084, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

When it comes to Christianity, the largest auditorium in Nigeria has become one of the controversial topics amongst members. Nigeria has the highest number of churches in the world and it is no surprise as there is hardly any area in the country that doesn’t have one place of worship or the other.

Nigerian Pastors

Despite being the poverty capital of the world according to, Nigerian churches continue to grow in size and finance as well. We present to you the top five largest evangelical church auditoriums in Nigeria based on the human seating capacity. These churches are owned by the richest pastors in Nigeria.

Largest Auditorium In Nigeria

This is a list of the largest church in Nigeria according to site structure, landmass, and sitting capacity.

The Ark (150,000 Capacity)

The ark is the largest auditorium in Nigeria with a sitting capacity of 150,000. Owned by the world’s richest bishop, David Oyedepo of the living faith church aka Winners Chapel.

The Ark

The gigantic structure is located beside the faith tabernacle at Abule-Egba Lagos features a prayer complex, elevators, and 1000 hectares of underground parking. The building which cost over 29 billion in pre and post-construction costs as emerged the most sophisticated building in Africa by the World Architect Bureau.

2. The Hand of God Auditorium (120,000 Capacity)

The Hand of God auditorium is the second-largest auditorium in Nigeria with a total of 120,000 sitting capacity. It was knocked by The Ark with an extra 30,000 capacity space. Home to the ministry of Pastor David Ibiyeomie who is the senior pastor of Salvation Ministries, in Port-Harcourt, Nigeria.

largest auditorium in nigeria

While this church auditorium is 95% completed, it is said to be the previous largest in the world. The structure is such a unique structure as it was built like the shape of a hand.

3. Glory Sanctuary Dome (100,000 Capacity)

The Glory Sanctuary Dome is the third church auditorium in the world with a total of 100,000 sitting capacity. Glory Sanctuary Dome is home to Dunamis International Gospel Centre where Pastor Dr. Paul Enenche is the Senior Pastor.

largest auditorium owned by nigeria pastors

This auditorium is located in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria, and has been certified as one of the world’s single biggest church auditoriums.

4. Faith Tabernacle (50,000 Capacity)

Faith Tabernacle auditorium is the world’s fourth-largest single church auditorium and it should be noted that it used to be number one on this list before the completion of these three new ones right above.

church auditoriums in nigeria

Faith Tabernacle is home to Living Faith Church Worldwide and headed by Bishop David Oyedepo who is also rated as one of the Richest men of God on the planet today.

Sometime in January 2008, this auditorium was recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the worlds’ largest church auditorium.

5. International Gospel Center (35,000 Capacity)

The International Gospel Center is the fifth-largest auditorium in Nigeria with a total of 35,000 sitting capacity. And it’s no surprise that it is also in Nigeria and located in Warri, Delta State.

largest auditorium in the world

This auditorium is home to World Of Life Bible Church where Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor has been involved in controversial news in the last couple of years when his Private Jet was allegedly seized for carrying tons of cash that were to be used for the purchase of arms illegally.

6. Deeper Life Bible Church Auditorium (30,000 Capacity)

The Deeper Life Bible Church is one of the largest auditoriums owned by a Nigerian pastor and sits 30,000 congregants comfortably. It’s located in the Ipaja-Ayobo area of Lagos State.

biggest church in nigeria

This new auditorium was completed in 2018 and is home to the Deeper Life Bible Church where Pastor W.F Kumuyi is the head.

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Kindly note that majority of these churches are headquarters and not camp ground if you have any that should be added to the list or feel they are not listed correctly, kindly drop your opinions in the comment section.

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