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5 Benefits and Side Effects of Masturbation

There are several myth about the danger of mastubation and I'm going to unravel those untold benefit and side effect of masturation you barely know about., pub-1800157631388084, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Masturbation has its own benefits that are barely told by the myth Sayers. You probably must have heard a lot of myths about masturbating, especially spiritual and health implications. Well, I would give you about 5 untold benefits and side effects of Masturbation you barely even know about.

Benefits and Side Effects of Masturbation
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What is Masturbation?

Masturbation is the stimulation of sensitive parts of the body like the breast, anus penis, or vagina mainly for self-pleasure.

Masturbation is a common activity among teenagers and young adults. As teenagers begin to grow, they tend to explore various parts of their bodies. There have been several speculations and debates about this topic by major health experts around the globe.

Benefits of Masturbation

There are numerous importance of masturbation recommended by a major health expert, the 5 major and common benefits are;

  • Prevent Prostate Cancer
  • Reduce sexual urges
  • Enhances Hormones
  • Reduce Menstrual Cramps
  • Improve Sexual Activity

Prevent Postrate Cancer

Masturbation has proven to be a major activity against prostate cancer among men, especially those that have the potential health threat later at an older age. Frequent ejaculation reduces the chances of the prostate in a survey carried out by Dr. Kim Moon of Oxford University in 2003.

20% of men who ejaculated at least 21 times a month had a lower risk of prostate cancer in a test carried out in 2016. According to medical experts, sperm is ejaculated from the prostate duct preventing excessive storage of sperm which happens to be one major cause of prostate cancer.

Reduce Sexual Urges

One major step to reducing sexual urges especially without a spouse or partner is masturbating, Masturbation avoids sexual tensions which are likely to build up over a long period of sexual inactivity.

Masturbation is aimed at achieving orgasm which suppresses the urge of wanting to have sex over a certain period of time which may vary from person to person.

Enhances Hormones

Hormones like oxytocin among others are released in the body thereby stimulating the brain cells to boost hormone production during and after masturbation.

Studies have shown that regular production of these hormones helps to boost mood and anxiety and also boost testosterone levels.

Reduce Menstrual Cramps

Menstrual cramps are likely most common in young females and this is sometimes caused as a result of inactivity of the pelvic floor over a long period of time.

During masturbation, when orgasm is achieved the pelvic muscles are contracted thereby reducing the tendencies of menstrual cramps.

Improve Sexual Activity

Sex therapists have recommended masturbation as a good form of improving overall sexual ability in men especially. It helps in understanding your sexual needs and wants, thereby communicating with your partner on those areas which gives you more pleasure.

Studies have concluded that men who masturbate 30-45 min before sexual intercourse have the tendency to last additional 5-10 minutes which improves the sexual health of both partners.

Side Effects of Masturbation

There can also be a side effect of masturbation if it has become uncontrollable and excessive, but these side effects are not harmful which are;

  • Addiction
  • Low self Esteem
  • Guilt
  • Decrease Sexual Sensitivity
  • Affect Relationships


According to a survey conducted by the physiological research institute of new york, United States reveals 17% of teenagers are addicted to masturbation. When addiction plays a part in the activity signifies that a larger portion of their time is spent just masturbating which affects the daily life and routine of that individual.

Masturbation can be controlled by talking to someone who is very close to you or a counselor that would properly guide you. If you develop unnecessary urges to masturbate, try to occupy your mind with something productive, and avoid watching pornography.

Low Self Esteem

An average young teenager has been swayed by the myths of masturbating so when they find themselves in this position, they tend to feel demoralized among their colleagues.

There’s nothing wrong with masturbating but t’s better if you take it more as a personal objection and activity.


Some people feel guilty especially after masturbating as a result of cultural beliefs, religion, or public opinion. Masturbation doesn’t qualify your moral values or principles.

Decrease Sexual Sensitivity

Just as masturbation has its good sides, it can also have its bad sides when done excessively. It reduces the sensitivity of the penis sometimes during sexual activity but kindly notes it’s not equal to erectile diffusion.

The penis tends to lose its firmness thereby resulting in less pleasure during sexual intercourse.

Affects Relationship

Your relationship can sometimes be affected with your partner because you begin to choose masturbation over pleasing him or her especially if you derive more pleasure from doing it.

It’s advisable to communicate with your partner and show him or her those areas to further give you those desires you want.

These are the major benefits and side effects of masturbation you should know about.

Frequently Asked Questions on masturbation

Is masturbation Good?

Yes, Masturbation is totally fine, despite the myths, there have not been any proven side effect of masturbating.

Is there any side effect of masturbation?

There are no harmful side effects of masturbation.

Does Masturbation make you look old?

Masturbation doesn’t cause aging, here are 5 habits that make you age quickly.


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