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Using Apple’s Face ID With Your Nose Mask

As of last year due to the corona outbreak which made it a must for everyone to wear masks for their protection, it then became very stressful for Apple’s users to use the face ID feature to unlock their iPhones.

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Unlocking of iPhones using apple’s face ID with your nose mask was made faster through a selectable four or six number passcode when your iPhone detects you are wearing a mask, researches that lead to an upgrade were being made due to the uproar most especially on Twitter.

Apple’s now plans to let you unlock the phone with Face ID while wearing your mask but you would need an Apple to watch or purchase one if you don’t, due to the recent update there is going to be a  new IOS 14.5 developer beta that allows you to do that if you’re wearing an unlocked Apple Watch.


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  • On the IOS 14.5 beta, there will be a manually authorized action by you which enables you to unlock your iPhone with a less accurate Face ID along with your Apple Watch for authentication.
  • You will then be notified on your watch every time you unlock your iPhone successfully, which will definitely be annoying due to the notifications if you unlock it frequently.

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As of when the new update was released there has been another recent uproar on apple bringing back the touch ID which was included under the power button last in the Ipad Air released last year, users think there can be a better innovation and standard research to the addition of fingerprint sensors to the iPhones but right now the new Face ID unlock system is in testing and should be expected anytime soon.

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