What Is The Hope for 1,375,168 Students?

The Joint University Admission Board has released it 2021 Results

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The incense number of undergraduates produced yearly increases significantly and the total number of undergraduates is not amicably significant to the total number of available admissions which has great impact on the educational and social balance of Nigeria. Jamb Student The turn out of the undergraduate keeps adding to the previous figures unfortunately institutions are not established to support the figures. The educational system is not capable of the total number of students thereby, undergraduate keeps seeking admissions for years. The total admissions available across all universities is 783,643 and the total number of the student seeking admission from jamb is 2,158,118, now the question is, is the deficit harmoniously relevant to the government? There is a dire need for the construction of more federal and state universities across national levels which would foster impact on the overall sustainability of the educational sector as a whole. In the city of Lagos, as overpopulated as the city is, the federal government can only boast of 1 university. It saddens me and I begin to ask questions on why allocations can’t be made to fund at least 4 standard universities in this metro city. Read Also How to Check Your JAMB Score [2021] This will create further opportunities and development across the nation. Education still remains the bedrock for significant growth in the economy

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