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Everything About The Next Largest Auditorium In The World (The Ark), Built By A Nigerian Pastor

Nigerian Churches have never failed in erecting gigantic and mighty structures for worship but the unseen is yet to come., pub-1800157631388084, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

When it comes to religion, Nigeria remains one of the most active countries in that area and has given us a record for erecting large places of worship in the world. Christianity which happens to be one of the major religions in Nigeria anchors over 40 million worshippers from various denominations.

The Ark

Despite being the world poverty capital Nigeria boasts of erecting the largest auditoriums globally, you can check the 5 largest auditoriums in Nigeria. The hand of God which happens to be the largest with over 150,00 sitting capacity would be knocked by the ark which would be erected by Bishop David Oyedepo through the Living Faith Church aka Winners Chapel.

The structure would house a sitting capacity of over 300,000 worshippers with state-of-the-art facilities ranging from elevators to prayer complexes. Here are things you need to know about this massive structure.

The Ark would is located at the side of the main auditorium which would be sited on a 1000 hectare of land right in Abule-Egba Lagos.

A total of 29 billion naira was estimated for the construction of the ark, these include pre, in, and post-construction costs. According to the clergyman, he said the structure would never be found anywhere in the world.



The ark would feature a 24-floor state-of-the-art mission tower which would be linked to the faith tabernacle auditorium. The floors would consist of dedicated elevators, a modern prayer complex, and various administrative floors.

The Bishop who is also an architect had always had a love for unique architectural structures, he also said in a church service the best architects in the world are still maneuvering a move around this structure.

The Project which is also called “The Legacy Project” was envisioned by the man of God in 2016 and launched the grand-breaking ceremony in 2019.


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