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WhatsApp TV In Nigeria – Links | Views | Owners [Complete List]

Social Media Platform, WhatsApp has become another fast monetizing platforms in Nigeria, pub-1800157631388084, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

With the incense growing of social media, WhatsApp has become the most used on the planet with over 1.2 billion users. Many have taken advantage of the status upload feature that was introduced sometimes in 2019 which has now brought about various WhatsApp TV in Nigeria.

whatsapp tv in nigeria

The feature allows one to upload a 30-second video or images that can be viewed by contacts within 24 hours from the time of upload. Many Nigerian youths had taken advantage of these features to entertain those who subscribe with their phone numbers.

Many of these platforms gather as much as 10,000-25,000 views daily creating an avenue for them to advertise for a particular fee.

List of WhatsApp TV in Nigeria

Here are the complete list of the most viewed WhatsApp TV in Nigeria;

  1. Libra TV
  2. OnePlex TV
  3. Validinfo TV
  4. Flep TV
  5. Mascot TV
  6. Jonite TV
  7. Pandemic TV
  8. Oporex TV
  9. Flenjor TV
  10. Janole Media TV

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After a while as phone numbers began to rise significantly, it seemed that telegram had became a viable option due to it lagging tenety, If you know any you can comment below so i can add.

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