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Yemi Ibrahim – The Industry Is Full Of Tribalism

Nigerian fast-rising Actor Yemi Ibrahim, in an exclusive interview with pamilerin Coker, sheds more light on his background and the industry at large.

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Yemi Ibrahim is a Nigerian born actor who has paved his way into becoming an icon in the entertainment after not long before the viral video that trended, was featured in a movie titled Power of One directed my Ramson Noah. Yemi Ibrahim gives us more information on his journey so far.

Tell us a little about yourself and your background?

My Name is Yemi Ibrahim, I am a thespian and a professional actor, I am from Ondo state and I am the last born from the family of 3. I currently reside in Lagos, I had my secondary education in Navy Town Sec school, Ojo then proceeded to Yaba College of Technology(Yabatech) where I briefly studied mass comm then furthered at the National Open University to obtain my B.S.c in Mass Communication. Growing up to me was fun though, I have a lovely mother and family.

So You Chose Acting As A career, What Inspired You?

To me I must say it,s a passion I am taking as a profession, it has always been an inbuilt thing in me right from secondary school. While I was in secondary school I was the president of the drama group then… I think I was in Senior Secondary School 2 then being the post of a president which is not supposed to be, noo! I was in Senior Secondary 1 so, that zeal has been there.

To me it’s like a passion I am taking as a profession..hmmm so what really inspired me was, I think God was my inspiration, I wake up every morning and I give thanks to God for making me know more daily in Life. I won’t say I am so perfect but God has been my inspiration.

Yemi Ibrahim

So Yemi Ibrahim how has the Industry been so far?

The Industry has been crazy so far Pamilerin, Its full of mediocrity you understand, segregation among the Igbos and other tribes, basically its been dominated by the igbos..yeah. You know whereby a situation whereby a particular director or producer might want to use an igbotic brother or sister in a particular role and whereas they are not capable and fit enough for such roles, a situation whereby they are not giving in their best, of course, they are not professionals, they are not good in it, it’s not their thing but they just want to be “I wan show for T.V” you understand.

So that kind of stuff is really bringing the industry down and mediocrity in so many aspects, that’s the challenges we are facing so far. A situation whereby you go for auditions, I remember countless auditions I have gone for and all that. One, you might merit the role but one might come back and say she has somebody for such role and all that so its crazy mehn, we need to change that in the industry.

Looking At Nollywood And The Other Movie Industry, What’s Your Take On The Future Of Nollywood?

Nollywood is evolving you know, seeing the latest cinema movies we ve been doing so far you know like it’s top-notch, it’s wonderful talking about the “kings of boys” the one I featured in also “the power of one” and the “chief daddy’s” and all that, you know it moving far those are like high standard movies am sure even the industry outside Nollywood are giving us applaud, we already their sef, we are even going more than them.

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What’s Your Advice To Young Aspiring Actors And Actress Who Wants To Give The Industry A Shot.

Hard Work, perseverance and they should be prayerful because it quite challenging and they should put God first irrespective of the talent or skills. Some might be talented and even sweating under the table due to what I said first discrimination. Lets grace keep following them that’s the keyword and number two, they should learn every day, acting entails a lot and they should remain focused and strong.

Thank you very much Yemi Ibrahim for your time!

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